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  1. Just a question. Is melee useless in this game? In the early stage of the game, they were fine, but now they are missing most of hits that my warrior is virtually useless. Can't tank much better, either. Edit: In Avernum Escape from the pit.
  2. I did enjoy Queen's wish during its early stage. And it was my first Speiderweb game. Thus, I have very little bias if any. After I backed the Owen for Vol and destroyed the pass, it was around that time that I felt what I wrote up there. After that, I tried Avernum and I certainly liked it better. I will try Nethergate and Avadon eventually. For now though, I am playing Avenmum.
  3. I've had some goods hours into Queen's wishes as well as Avernum. My conclusion is that Avernum is better in all aspects. A major problem I have with Queen's wish is combat. The lack of character customization is what really gets me. Everyone ends up becoming very similar in skills as you advance further into the game. Additionally, instances (dungeons) renewing whenever you are forced to retreat feels like another letdown. I can see the point but it's either you have to go all the way or nothing. My biggest issue with the game though is that you do not get
  4. I've decided to go with Avernum series since Spiderweb apparently has a steam sale on the whole series (1 ~ 6).
  5. Hello, ladies and gents. I am new here. Well, an old game called "Eschalon" brought me here. The trouble here, though, is that Spiderweb games have so many games that I am not even sure where to begin. I had a quick look and it looks like Queen's wish is the latest title while Avernum is the longest running. Looking at screenshots, I certainly favor Avernum which looks like Ultima 6 or 7. So, I ask you guys: Which one do you recommend? Queen's wish or Avernum series?
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