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  1. Hello guys, I found out a way to hide the pacific ocean to the south of my outdoor section. Put the blackness terrain in the south edge of your outdoor section and you are fine. That's what I did to block the party from reaching the northern outdoor section which should be reached in a different manner. The cutscene was too fine. Is there any way to test the dungeon scripts by playing it without fighting the monsters in the way? It is annoying.
  2. Thank you, but... it can't be done. The outdoor section is a section which was present in one of the spiderweb games and a wall was not supposed to be there. This happens every time you create a outdoor section (or atleast I think) the north and west edges get blue and I noticed it every time until I put up a wall. I tried to upload a screenshot in my website, but I couldn't for some reasons.
  3. I want to create a cutscene. I want it to occur inside a closed door when I am outside of it. When I run it, I can't view the room any can view only blackness as it closed. How to make it visible? Help appreciated. And also, at the south end of my outdoor section, I see a blue area. I don't like it.
  4. beginstate 19; reset_dialog(); if (get_flag (0, 3) < 2) { add_dialog_str (0, "You have not yet dealt with the problem affecting this place. But, you could leave if you wished to in luxurious cart, leaving people die and you can run away with shame. What do you wish to do?"" , 0); add_dialog_choice (0, "Move on!"); add_dialog_choice (1, "No, let's help them."); } else { add_dialog_str (0, "Now you have dealt with the problem affecting this place, you could leave this place luxuriously and proudly. Are you ready?" , 0); add_dialog_choice (0, "Move on!"); add_dialog_choice (1, "Wait, please."); } choice = run_dialog (1); if (choice == 1) { if (get_flag (0, 3) < 2) { message_dialog ("You move out of this place, shameful but with your life. You never ever did adventuring due to your reputation. You started to work as a poor labourer in a smithy. What a disappointment." , "THE END."); end_scenario (0); } else { message_dialog ("You move on, to the nearest town, get some welcomes and treated as a hero. You later on started working as dervishes to King Starrus later on. You took place in the history. You become folklore heroes. " , "THE END."); end_scenario (1); }} break; This code is not working and the game tells me that unknown command 'move' has occurred. I haven't placed such command anywhere and I think it is showing the 'move' in the dialog choices but I don't know why it occurs and fails to load the entire outdoor script. Help appreciated.
  5. I want to rather not show the date and year in the scenario in the area decription box, like the thing happened in 'The Magic' and Echoes: Renegade. What should I do?
  6. Is there any location where I can view a replay of it? I will be glad to know.
  7. Oh, my sincere apologies. I knew that Avernum 6 is compatible with Windows 2000 but I recently read the homepages of the remakes which had a minimum compatibility of XP, and got confused by that. I didn't intend my post.
  8. That didn't work. (Deleted)
  9. reward_give() call works fine right now. I don't why not the first time. Also, now the dialog boxes are working fine.
  10. I have updated my website.
  11. I just sent what was in my memory because I messaged just after finishing yesterday's session. But, I... deleted that part of the actual code after I found it not working. That's why I couldn't send the actual one. But, that was what I tried actually in the script. Sometimes, I am able to send the full code as I send during the session with forums open. However, I'll try it again and send the full node if it's not working again.
  12. code = reward_give (x); break; code = reward_give (x, 5); break; I tried the above two. x is mentioned because I don't remember the item number right now. I tried 5 for the number of items.
  13. I have to give an item to the PC using the code characteristic. I tried reward_give but I receive a message telling that it is an unknown command. How to give an item to my party? Help appreciated.
  14. No, no... I was not intending to ask something. I was just showing an instance where Blades of Avernum designing just casually converts itself into blades of disappointment and cast cloud of blades on me.
  15. And please leave your sanity at the door.
  16. How do you people actually deal with SDFs? I want to set those in my later towns but I have to include their result in dialogue nodes in previous towns! Should I include SDF in the code directly? One more unfortunate thing happened is I forgot to include a dialogue node way back to the first person of the town and should change memory cell values to the NPCs and edit the script from node value 1 the numbers like begintalknode 1 to 2 and so on.
  17. What does the parry bonus we get on defending do? I didn't think that does something.
  18. The title of the scenario itself is humorous. This focuses on a humorous plot about our party. Our party wants to enter the adventurous world and want to get fortune and glory! Or something else. The plot has good value and the thinking for creating a unique scenario was far better. The area descriptions and scripting were wonderful. It was not battle heavy but there was no need for battle either. It has some out-game references such as 'title of your dialogue' in the dialogue which I loved much. The final battle or which was supposed to be a battle was most humorous. The best humour scenario I have seen in Blades of Avernum. The gameplay was too not frustrating. Whatever, I liked this scenario and I would recommend this scenario to one who want to laugh using Blades of Avernum. And, designing too was fine. Final Rating- [rating]BEST[/rating]
  19. https://warriormage474.wixsite.com/warrwebsite. Have a look at the experimental website. Meant for my scenarios if I made them. Not much right now.
  20. I had added something I forgot above.
  21. Well, I named this Random as I don't know in which forum I should include this. I had experience with the game for few years. I am critical to some points of that. Not to impossible things but something Jeff could have did to improve. 1. There should be a high AP such as 8 to 10 to allow variations in it. Reasons below: 2. AP should be proportional to health. Health is merely seen as a count in the game but it is more important. The character's efficiency and speed should change with health. 3. Slow spell is to slow the foe, not to halt it. It should not be made to lose turns but should have reduced APs. Battles are real time based according to in-game view. 4. Another appreciable thing in Exile. Character MUST eat and rest. They can't walk 1000 miles per day. But, in avernum one don't want to worry about PCs. 5. In second trilogy, the bows are getting infinite arrows which is impossible. This gives more advantage to ranged fighters specifically as they can attack recklessly without reaching close.
  22. I didn't try that. Let's see the next day.
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