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  1. Hello guys. I am going to start this plan today. But, I forgot about a fact that Bahssikava is impossible with a singleton because of the charm in Bahssikavan Tunnels. But, I am going with a duo. I am also thinking if I should use nephils or sliths because I want their bonuses but it delays my level-ups. I prefer to go with humans.... but I'm confused. And, this is the only scenario I will try this. I will get 35 healing elixirs, 5 curing potions, 10 heroic brews, 5 invulnerability elixirs, and 10*2 energy elixirs for sure. A priest archer(bows are my favourite and I will train sharpshooter too) and a mage melee fighter (I want to get blademaster which will happen in the midst of the scenario). And, also I have another doubt, if I choose custom type, will I know atleast basic spells at start and I doubt if there is a teacher in the Temple of the Goddess? I think I have to use character editor, am I right? I am in a need of adequate spells and its levels for level 51. Also, thank you for the HLPM. Clear my q's if possible. It will be also good if it's possible to upload screenshots here.
  2. Hmm... whatever tough it is, why can't one try this when one try main Avernum games as a singleton with the freaking torment difficult which is ... heavily difficult for me and I wouldn't try, but this seems possible in normal mode and I am going to start up and try with level 51 duo. I used to save very frequently and keep many backups. I may finish it too... Let's learn the difficulty, also Pheadra is with us.
  3. 50 is just max level, if you are tough try at 45-46 too... and you can also try two pure warriors with no magic.
  4. Hello guys, I have been thinking about replaying Bahssikava with a singleton or two member party. Is this possible with level 35? Absolutely no. Then how? Maybe start with level 50 priest trained well on nature lore, arcane lore, bows (I like using them), parry, alchemy etc.., and a slith mage additionally trained in pole fight skills. What do you think? Can you finish Bahssikava with a single or two member party? Put your skill suggestions and post, you may even take this as a challenge! But not more than level 50, put your skills down!
  5. Yeah, I located avernum6dx.exe in the game folder, but clicking on it shows that the file is not found. What to do now? Hmm... please help me.
  6. Hello there. I wished that I turn on into this topic,, because... I TOO HAVE the same problem. I don't know why the hell my Avernum 6 didn't open since I brought it. I finidhed upto 5 smoothly and even the spiderweb logo is not loading in 6! I am using Windows XP, which is seriously compatible. It opens up a window asking to mention the resolution and graphic amount. It is not even working at the least graphic. When I click open, after adjusting settings, another windows shows that Avernum 6 has encountered a problem and has to close. Please, help me in my problem...
  7. It may be something, it may come or not. But, I am sure that the admins won't peek into this particular topic and read our opinions and change their mind. So, I will wrap on here. I am wishing for the Av 0 to arrive. But, it's their wish, they are the conquerors. Avernum, I too don't like it to be old, but I reflected people's voice thinking like that. So, something may occur or not, I am not going to mess in up!
  8. Sorry if I gave some wrong comments. But really the thought about the prequel is not active even though it is in Jeff's mind. The active are Geneforge remakes and even though he did it after the remakes, people will forget Avernum except somebody like us! That would be a loss for them. Sorry if I told something wrong but I like logical thinking. Also, the truth is I prefer the axonometrical style if there will be an Avernum 0 or 7, but I don't wish the 2D style in Queen's Wish.
  9. I think that Avernum had become an old game atleast after the arrival of Avadon, Queen's Wish and like even though there were remakes. But, there is no single evidence atleast telling that Jeff is thinking about Avernum 0 or 7. There is the only update that the crew is working on remakes of Geneforge. However, I will feel better if there was one. I have also a plot for Avernum 7, not 0 which are unlikely going to be made. Maybe like this: (Before Start)Most of the Avernites have run up to the surface and started to mainly live in Provincial Avernum and Valorim. You are an adventurer living in City of Dawn. You moved on and killed many goblins and bugs affecting the area after you exited Avernum. One day, you receive a message with the Sun Symbol of Avernum. You doubt the message. The mayor reads it out, "We need help from you xxxxx(name of the mayor) as the people of Abyss who are largely remaining here want to conquer the Avernum(Some cruel minds will always remain). They have support of slith barbarians, and hostile nephilim. We need help from you." The mayor accepts it and selects you to be the adventurer going there and explore as you are the bravest in Provincial Avernum. First of all she orders you to be tested by destroying some bears, ogres and like...(Goblins are alerady killed)(beginner works in technical terms){After completing it in game} and then go into Avernum by the portal available in Redmark College. All the dragons are too unavailable except Khoth in Za-Khazi Run. They may be busy in revenging the Empire...(Thanks for Ess-Eschas for making me to write this particular line) and they cannot help you. They are not strong as Empire however... But Avernum too is not strong as before. Only few towns are present in Avernum... Can Avernum survive?(Next) You arrive in the Castle. Go get your orders from the yyyyy(name of the administrator) and....{it goes on} How was that? Post a comment. It won't be far good as I am not used to buffing stories up in my mind.
  10. I had to come to this forum which is old. This is just because, I try to download the magic scenario but I am getting a 404 error at Kelandon's page for the download of this scenario. I played epics, but I can't download this. Please consider this and do some repair, Kel so that I can download this scenario.
  11. Best of luck in whatever you do, Kelandon! I have one more suggestion that you should train yourself in luck, arcane lore, intelligence and endurance. Also have a bit hardiness for a perfect best scenario. Connect the skills I mentioned with designing and find out what I mean.🙂
  12. Thank you for replying, Kelandon. I have a suggestion for you: Try to include considerable amount of arrows and missiles in your scenario as it was unusual in your last two epics. I trained characters well in that area and I use them regularly. Who knows, some more people may be thinking like this. Also, don't think it odd to be receiving messages from me at late nights! I'm not an American and I live in a very different time zone. So, that's why I am not active during your daytimes mostly..
  13. Hello Ess-Eschas! Good to see you again. I too wondered 93 towns is a huge... amount! Even avernum didn't contain so lot of towns!!! I just wanted to know the progress. I am glad that blades of avernum is long living. Coming to your point, I can't use any of Kelandon's plot, which would create copyright issues and I won't disturb his world. And also I am a novice designer, how can I finish a small scenario before him? Even though I finish, it should be eligible to release! Developments for me... SDFs, special encounters, dialog nodes are now very simple. ALSO I AM JUST GETTING 50 MINS - 1 HR TO DO ANYTHING.
  14. What now, Kel! How is it going? I am eager of your this scenario as your two others were excellent. Combats were tough with blessing but going through difficulties was a real adventuring. I am waiting but no replies for 2 1/2 months.
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