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  1. Thanks. Maybe if you get to lev el 30 you can't increase your experience.
  2. What is the maximum level and/or experience one can attain? I am at level 30 and experience is around 49K.
  3. I am in the Quest, "Destroy the Empire Teleporter". I have completed all the requirements except to activate the "Demi-Portal" and the final requirement. I have read the instructions, but I cannot find the place to activate. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
  4. Thanks a million. I forgot all about the 2nd lever. Too much in a rush. Stay well😷
  5. I am trying to get to the Blessed Anthame. Previously, I was able to get down to the 6 crystals but was not able to destroy them. I left and got more experience and came back again and was able to destroy the crystals but was unable to go back down. I got the key and went back upstairs and pulled the lever at "B" again and the crystals turned red put the gate did not open. Is there a glitch in the system or am I doing something wrong?
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