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  1. I'm still two and a half away from that! Still on plot I can dimly remember, though I had forgotten about the portals in Exile II, so having the Tower of the Magi take a step back in portal dynamics is a bit weird. I will be pressing every button I can find for a good while longer, whether they do anything or not.
  2. Ooh, I'll try that, would be handy if it works. Some walls have much better camouflage for those buttons than others, still easier than trying to walk into all random walls like in Exile.
  3. I visited Starcap, found out about needing something from Patrick's tower to read his book, but now I'm back the door to his house seems to have vanished. Is there any way to get it back? Oops, there was a button on the wall I'd forgotten about, and the wall was the same colour so it wasn't so obvious when I wasn't in full exploration mindset.
  4. Hello, on to Avernum 2: Grumpy Wizards now and I'm noticing that my inbuilt quest priority is getting worse. In Avernum 1 I mostly obsessed over dispel barrier 3, but now I'm running all over the world for dispel barrier 3 (got them all at pretty much the same time due to magi clearance coming with the Italian liqueur assassination), move mountains 3 (do not have!) and Orb of Thralni (have although I dodged the gazer floor tiles since they were a bit above my ability to kill, so I have to go back there at some time). After that my priority is fully exploring ever town and dungeon I run into, and only then, and then the outdoors. People in towns must think we're mad. Either we turn up for the first time, get a load of quests and immediately tell them we did that ages ago, or they give us quests that we completely ignore for (in game) months because we're not going that way. Worse for the Empire though, with four people who seem to them to make rather random beelines for some of their more heavily defended installations, nick all their stuff and go straight back off, leaving their frontline outposts completely cut off and only aware that at some point they're due for a thorough exploration. On the other hand the Tower of the Magi will probably be quite happy when they realise that the adventurers only stole their ink and paper to make room for stashing dozens of magical items in their desks. (Holdover from having just done the Avadons: anywhere that has a portal network is home.)
  5. Is this still accurate? I bought a big bundle of things on Steam, went through all of Avadons at about one a week and only just realised that Geneforges, Nethergate and the second lot of Avernums are for Windows.
  6. Just about to look at it, now I know almost as much as Nathalie and Yannick combined.
  7. I've been back a couple of times, just can't seem to find anything that lets me into the central bit.
  8. I found a huge great bundle on Steam of about 90% of the Spiderweb stuff that isn't abandonware a couple of weeks ago. Had all the Geneforges, Avernums 1, 2 and 4-6, Nethergate and all three Avadons. I'd just finished Queen's Wish and now am about 2 and a third of the way through Avadons. Probably going through Geneforge next, vaguely remember the first two or three, and then all of Avernum in order (first three won't be much surprise as I remember Exile). The bundle is pretty impressive though.
  9. Hello, does anyone know how to get into the middle of the Student Barracks under the Four Circles place in Avadon 3? I found a plant pot that opens a secret door, but that's already inside and the other plant pot doesn't help. I've wandered around the room for a while looking for more secrets, but can't find any. It's early game so won't be anything very useful in there I'm sure, but I do like to fully explore places and it's annoying me.
  10. Just got on to Avadon 3, not quite sure what's going to happen with Redbeard gone, but I get Nathalie and Khalida as my friends! This is good news because they were my favourites in 1 and 2, and now I get both! Already ignoring the Shadowstalker and I doubt the Shaman or Tinkermage will get much work either. It's slightly sad that they seem to have dropped down the pecking order slightly, but perhaps in Aurelia the Sorceress they will find someone reminiscent of Mystralla or Avystra, and retake their rightful places as great Hands of Avadon.
  11. I had this problem, but it was on floppies back then and I didn't have an internet. My party never got those spells. Poor Ssss-Thsss and Mangsss.
  12. Thank you, I've just got to the big library and read the books on the Three Ages, so that must account for the three centuries thing. I'm sure I'll pick up more over time, anyway, must run, Jennel's in trouble in Khemeria, the Beraza Woods issue might finally be settled, the lower dungeons need looking at, as do the library stacks, and I have some dangerous dragon diplomacy to get round to at some point!
  13. Hello, just starting off the Avadon series and I'm having a bit of trouble working out how old the fortress is. The intro says you're sent to a new fortress, but then a couple of screens later says Avadon has been watching over the Pact for three centuries. Then later the Codex article on Keepers puts Redbeard at having been in charge for sixty years, with 25 years of the fortress before him, which places it as a bit under one century old. I'm inclined to follow this last one due to precision in the dates, but it's a little confusing. Does anyone know if the confusion is just a mix up or is it a plot thing?
  14. Just signed up here, played Exile 1-3 & Blades back in the nineties, got the virus for a couple of weeks and had a desire for 'something like that' and bought Queen's Wish the Conqueror, just finished that and found the big bundle of almost everything on Steam. Didn't even realise Avernum had got up to six, wonder how the Vahnatai coped with Rentar-Ihrno's failure. Also doing some gardening, and a lot of cat stroking.
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