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  1. Re-opened the game and tried a save from before I entered that area. Weirdly enough, things were back to normal. In hindsight, the battle alphas having 900HP and the battle betas having 250HP should have been a signal that something bugged out.
  2. I'm not sure what could have gone wrong to cause them to spawn at such a high level. I started on normal and switched to easy. Not sure besides that.
  3. I made the terrible decision of going for a limited canister run, so my creation options are pretty limited. I might be able to hunt down a kyshakk or wingbolt canister.
  4. Something is seriously up with the wingbolts in my game. From the moment they appear in Burwood, they have 2685 health. Vastly more than any other enemy in that area. In the event where the Shaper creations attack the rebel fort, all of the rebel NPCs, inlcuding the drayk, have a 0% chance of hitting the wingbolts that are part of the raid. This is on easy mode. What the hell gives? Are their levels bugged, or are they seriously this badly designed? I literally can't kill them. They two-shot my cryodrayks and one-shot me. I was able to handle the combat just fine on normal difficulty until I r
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