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  1. Now that you mention it, these messages started basically as soon as I finished with that place lol. I killed him in the entryway, and got a message about him floating off as a ghost, but then forgot about it as I had a bunch of summoned rats still to deal with. I'm guessing that means that I have to go back and sort that out still? I thought it was weird that the stormport people were giving me snark about 'allegedly' solving their undead problem when I turned in the quest. EDIT: Yep, just got a message saying he's going to 'haunt me til the end of days'. S
  2. Semi-frequently while exploring the world map, I'll get a popup telling me that I 'feel a chill up my spine'. Says something about how I look around for enemies, but don't see any. Nothing else happens, yet. I've just finished the roaches, & am starting the troglodytes, but I've had the popups everywhere. Even in upper Avernum. Anyone know what this is about? Googling it gets zero results which I thought was weird. Whatever it is feels really ominous.
  3. Oh weird, I think my quest must have glitched then, because I definitely hadn't gotten that far yet. That's weird, and would explain why I was confused 😅 Thanks so much to you and the others for the responses.
  4. Hey there, thanks for the reply. Yeah I remember spending an entire afternoon trying to . That's actually part of the reason this got my curiosity in 2. I know that the Empire comes through and . I'm asking specifically about the quest called 'Fate of Kyass' in Crystal Souls where you're tasked with finding out what happened with him. I got the quest, I guess didn't read something properly then it got turned in without me actually figuring anything out. Was wondering whether anyone could tell me what I'm missing exactly. Cheers
  5. So I accidentally completed this quest, but have no idea what I actually did. If you Google 'fate of Kyass' you don't actually get any specific spoilers for it, just a couple threads here talking about how disappointing the arc was. Visited the original freehold, which is of course rubble, and I guess I must have done something else? Something I didn't read properly? Either way when I spoke to the dude you turn the quest into, it got marked complete with no answers lol. Was hoping someone could fill me in on what happened. I know people think it's underwhelming, but my
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