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  1. I don't mind spoilers but I do want someone to jog my memory a bit. Is it possible to have a stalemate ending? Like if you do all the quests for Melachion and all for Gladwell what happens?
  2. Hey 42wolfe42! Thanks so much for doing this! I just tried it with my 2 saves and it works fine 🥰
  3. I mean my characters actually using it
  4. Slightly sorry for necromancy as well. Just wanted to say that this totally works but I found toward the end of the game it froze during certain battle situations. Might have been because of hp changes but not sure. Had to use dbugkill quickly to move on. Either way I enjoyed this editor🥳
  5. I'm curious.. does skribbane (can't remember if you can get in AV1&2) affect ANY of the endings in avernum, like the canisters in geneforge, as far as how your characters end up? Was thinking about doing a full skribbane run in AV6 after doing Gladwell ending. I don't remember it being so but does anyone know?
  6. Based on my foggy memory I don't think it negatively affects your overall game play per say BUT This actually got me interested as well. after I finish my geneforge replays, I should look into this. A6 was always that one game I sped through when I was younger(and busy) and pretty much never played again
  7. I would say finish out the series and then maybe try avadon. Have you tried geneforge series?🥰
  8. 99% sure he's not in or mentioned in 5
  9. I can confirm that this is true. I'm replaying the geneforge series and currently doing G4. I just got the mission from her 5 minutes ago to rescue him from Monarch. *confusion intensifies*
  10. Yes, in G4 in Southforge citadel, you can calm torchlight the fyora or kill him(i cheated a bit this time and got maxed leadership,still no actual absorb option). Same with the fyora in the beginning of G5. Still replaying G4 but I think its calm or outright kill them xD
  11. Yeah its been awhile for me too and even though I need to replay gf4 and finish endings gf2, I think this absorb thing only happens in Gf3? I did the artila encounter and then for the creator on the first island I had the option to "absorb it(?)" or tell it to end it's life or something
  12. Tried to look if someone already asked this. Didn't see anything. I'm replaying the geneforge series after these years and I'm wondering.. when you get those special encounters/leadership options to absorb another creation, meaning NOT belonging to you, does the essence actually go to YOU?
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