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  1. Yeah its been awhile for me too and even though I need to replay gf4 and finish endings gf2, I think this absorb thing only happens in Gf3? I did the artila encounter and then for the creator on the first island I had the option to "absorb it(?)" or tell it to end it's life or something
  2. Tried to look if someone already asked this. Didn't see anything. I'm replaying the geneforge series after these years and I'm wondering.. when you get those special encounters/leadership options to absorb another creation, meaning NOT belonging to you, does the essence actually go to YOU?
  3. Sorry for late reply. It's only the drayks from the rebel side not the podlings which is weird. I didn't make a separate save for that specific play through(normally I do but eh), so I would need to replay Astoria's ending to see if it happens again. My computer is a windows 10. It didn't really hinder me but I just thought it was weird lol
  4. So I had a similar problem as this person did: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24273-g5-im-strengthening-my-enemies-somehow/?tab=comments#comment-301885 But out of all the shaper endings, I noticed I only have this issue when working with astoria. It's not a HUGE deal but the point is it's not suppose to be and I don't know that much about codes,scripts etc and just wondering if anyone even found a solution to this? I have the steam version and now playing on windows 10 computer if anyone wants to know.
  5. Need $463 more for 75k goal
  6. 7 days left and need $6,928 for 75k goal, $31,928 for 100k goal and $61,928 for 130k goal.
  7. 16 days left and only need $17,599 for 75k goal
  8. I've noticed this as well We have 19 days left and only need $19,528. Really hope we reach it because I want that new storyline goal. I could up my amount but can only really afford an extra $20
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