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  1. I synced my saves with Finder on my macOS, which was fairly simple now that you can access the iPhone&iPad from it directly, but I still wish it would sync automatically since I need to have a computer around to be able to sync my saves.
  2. I think we're talking about different things, what I meant is that I created a new character in the party screen, then removed the healer from the party (I didnt know he was a healer), then put that new character in its place. That new character is "blank" - at least mine was, he had zero skills to put... and I had to give him weapons, etc... I fixed my "problem" by putting back the healer, deleting the new character, and then just renaming / customising the healer. All is well now.
  3. Also you need to not have removed the starting character that has the healing spell, I created a new character right away and I had it replace the character with healing in my party... 😏
  4. It looks like the game doesnt sync saves using iCloud, is that planned for a future update? I have an iPad and my phone I play games with from time to time, not having the saves synced between them is a real bummer I probably wouldnt bought the game on iOS if I knew that, all the games I play have cloud save seems like a fairly big omission. Does the Steam version sync between computers? Between mac and windows? (I have two desktops and laptops I use fairly regularly because of various job I have to do on those platforms, I like to have a few regular games on them, but without cloud save its pointless...)
  5. I’m at the beginning of the game, trying to take back greatport but I’m getting wrecked, I dont have any healing spell or items, did I miss the place to get some?
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