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  1. Silly me. I never thought to see what the editor says. I've never used it. That idea might've come to me in a few months :P Thanks again.
  2. Thanks :) She isn't very lucky at all. That's something I can work on. Nothing's boosting her dex, as far as I can tell.. Her gloves have the "Thieving" ability. Her ring has the "Skill" ability. No idea what that does :) Is there a glossary for those ability terms? "Skill" could be almost anything.
  3. I'm playing ASR and springing traps more often than disarming them despite my Nephilim having nimble fingers, a maximum dexterity, a maximum trap skill, and helpful equipment. Are the help files missing something? Should she be a higher level or smarter or stronger or something?
  4. Thanks :) I guess I'll revisit this scenario (and VoDT, come to think of it) after I learn how to fly. Now I won't need group therapy :P
  5. There's one of those white dots on the north bank of the river north of Liam (on the same map as Liam). I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't reach it. It's completely surrounded by river and trees. How do I get to it?
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