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  1. Another useful thing that I recently figured out is how to save mid-combat. If you can get your characters far enough away from them (summons and slows work well for this), you can click on the combat icon in the bottom left (or press f) to get out of combat. You can then save your game. You'll still probably need to fight your way through, but at least this way you don't have to do the whole extended fight in one hit. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the responses; didn't mean to restart an argument. That quote from the developer does indicate to me that stacking bonuses to Hit Chance counters Evasion.
  3. Others can probably answer this better, but I think the enemies scale with you, so level doesn't matter as much? I think I was about level 16 when I got through there (also on normal). Which enemies are you having trouble with? What's your gear like? I tend to spec my characters so that everyone can summon at least a skeleton to block enemies from getting into melee, then hang back and use bows/wands to focus people down. Giving everyone at least one point in Blessing and using all of them to buff before each fight helps a lot, as does aggressively stunning casters and archers. Sorry if this is super obvious.
  4. Hi all, I've read through Randomizer's Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - Game Advice page, and while a lot of it is very helpful guidance, I'm a bit confused by the Combat section. Specifically, how +% Hit Chance and Evasion interact. Does stacking +% Hit Chance runes and rings counter an enemy's Evasion stat? I assumed that was the case, but the discussion in that thread makes it seem like they're separate things. Thanks! Buzko
  5. Thanks for the reply. Oh well, it was a good exercise in making do with less. Heh. I've been wandering around grabbing resources and not building anything, so I'm constantly at the resource cap. I hope that the excess gets shipped home, not wasted.
  6. Hi all, I've been cautious about rebuilding the second forts before visiting the capital in each region, in case it makes negotiations more difficult, but as far as I can tell, none of the other parties comment on that decision. I'm aware that rushing into building too many shops in forts can cause resource shortages, and that rebuilding the second fort will up the theft chance in that region. But does the choice of rebuilding or not rebuilding the second fort in a region affect negotiations with the local authorities? Apologies if this was covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the answer. Thanks in advance. Buzko
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