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  1. I do feel like occasionally some of the quests are a little too.... undefined.... I mean I like being able to discover on my own.. but sometimes they dont even give a shred of a hint what you are supposed to be doing to complete a quest.
  2. Which is exceedingly difficult to get, when you dont have mages clearance, because where you can actually go is fairly limited. Everything is either way over level or blocked off.
  3. Yeah got to the castle, She says I dont qualify for clearance.
  4. Just got back from the Vahnati lands and every quest I have requires mage clearance but, they wont give me mage clearance.... The game provides not even a sliver of a hint where to go, and even looking at guides its obscure to put it mildly. Also it makes no sense, the group just back from the Vahnati that is the only ones who can fix things, and they wont let them get on with it, till they go and get some cats out of mushroom trees? Seriously? Also did not play Avernum 1 or avvadon, this is the first spiderweb game, since this was the first one from humble monthly.
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