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  1. My problem is I can't get into the locked room in Castle Andesite to get the Chalcistrine:
  2. I've got a few vol stones but the lightstmith keeps saying it's not enough. It's the only quest I have left and would like to finish it. Could anyone please help with location of the stones?
  3. I've been to the refuges of the fen, the woods and stone. There is no-one in any of them and I cannot get into any of the bedrooms because they are all locked. Hence I have never had any dreams. I have the key to get into the Nisse private quarters but have not gone in there yet as it says turn back or you will be enemy of the Nisse. I think I'm quite near the end of the game as I only have three quests left: The Calamity Returns, Return Home and A Glorious Spear. Could someone help me about getting into the locked bedrooms in the refuges please? I've been revisiting everywhere in the hope that someone will trigger but now I can't think of anything else to do.
  4. Cannot believe I missed that. Mistook it for one of those training dummies! So glad I can move on now. Thanks Randomizer for taking the time to help.
  5. Tnanks for replying Randomizer. Is the lowest floor the one where I entered the house? This is the one with the barred door on the other side in the south east corner. I cannot see a wheel in the east room on this floor. Ive been to two other floors both upstairs from that one cannot see any wheels on either of these floors either. I've foolishly saved this area into all my save slots except two that were really early on.
  6. I'm stuck in Brandon's Break. The trees have closed the path. I;ve killed all the baddies in the house. I can go back out the door I came in but the path out is blocked by trees. The other exit door in the house is through room with bars on it and altthough I've been upstairs and downstairs many times looking for a switch or something to open the bars I can't find a way to open them. Can anyone give me a clue please?
  7. Thank you Randomizer. I'd never have worked that out by myself. In the place terrain menu I had to try and build another smithy on top of the other one, then a little delete sign came up over the existing smith so I was able to delete it.
  8. In Fort Haven and have built an apothecary and a smithy. Unfortunately I built the smithy in the north east room instead of one of the two buildings I had renovated. Now Miranda will not acknowledge that I've built two shops and I'm unable to build another smithy in the empty renovated building as it is saying there is already a store of this type active in town and I do not need another one. There is no way I can see to knock the smithy in the north east corner down. I don't really want to start the game again as I've already played quite a few hours.
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