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  1. I have mixed feelings on this game. I enjoyed it, the setting is great, the writing is awesome as always. But while I praise the efforts to explore new gaming experience, there are some flaws that I found annoying. 1) The concept of Forts is interesting, but in the end, gamewise they all are basically the same. I would have loved that some features were reserved for some Forts and not for all. Ths customisation is mostly cosmetic, and in a game in which there is such effort to characterize the different nations, I found it lacking. 2) The possibility to respec completely the party is a bit too much I think. It tends to strip them of any characterisation (and they alreayd don't have much - no dialog at all!) 3) The backpacks are so small that it is nearlly impossible to add some flexibility in your equipment. I ended having roughly the same scrolls and potions on every character. In fact, I found myself going around basically the same forts with a party formed of undefined characters. It hurts the immersion, I think. Fortunatly, the principal character's lines of dialogue compensate that lack of characterization, but it's still a pity. I think that the game don't exploits all af its potential and these flaws are one of the reason.
  2. I downloaded the SDL2.dll files (there is a macos x version) from libsdl.org, placed it in library/frameworks and everything is OK now, even in the starting screen. I hope it will run normally now. Thank you for your tip !
  3. Spoken too fast. Closed the game, then re-opened, and now the same problems again. And now, it's for every mode : I've tried windowed and full-screen, every resolution. It's sometimes even impossible to close the game, I have to Force Quit. Game unplayable again.
  4. Playing in window mode and then changing the resolution worked. (window with the highest resolution didn't solve the problem) It still has some odd mouse responses (have to click 5 times on the starting screen to load a game) but at least the game is playable. Thanks for the answer!
  5. It is impossible to use the mouse correctly in the demo version of Queen's Wish. When I click on a location, the character goes at another random place. (impossible to attack a foe by clicking). Impossible to select an item to equip it. Impossible to select a slot to save a game. Impossible to edit party. Currently the game is unplayable for me. I'm using mas os10.7.5
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