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  1. Celtic Minstrel: I fixed the openboe link in my post. Thanks for seeding and adding the magnet link! Slarty/whatever: yep! Glad you still exist, and got the reference. I hope everyone else is jealous that they don't get it. Those were the days, eh? Meanwhile, you'll never guess (and I'll never tell) which of these scenarios represents my own pretentious juvenalia! Those, too, were the days.
  2. I was distressed to see how fragile this part of our history seems to be. It should take more than a website or two going down to wipe it out! So for insurance, I downloaded the scenario collection from openboe.com and made a trackerless torrent out of it. The hash is d5356f060c104e9fd1dbf7a23fe348c6c26897da. That should be all you need in a modern bittorrent client: just enter that hash and you should find it on the DHT as long as someone in the world is sharing it. Then you can share it yourself until the world ends. Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d5356f060c104e9fd1dbf7a23fe348c6c26897da P.S. a quick WWP to Slarty, if he's still around!
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