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  1. Also I forgot to mention how awesome the canisters are, choosing whether or not to take them. I did an entire playthrough, in the geneforge where making the decision to take the canisters really makes a difference, without taking any canisters and when i finally completed, it felt like I really earned the win. If you take too many canisters you end up becoming an unbalanced madman and I never really liked that, though I did think it was pretty cool the way your fury just destroyed everything in your path.
  2. Really? That is awesome, if that is legit then I am extremely excited. One of the other things i was hoping for was a remake with the G5 engine, which was just so more cleaner. Thanks for the comments guys
  3. I know this is most definitely not an option, but I really wish they would make more geneforge games. Honestly, it was my favorite series that you guys ever produced. I have played some of your more recent games like the avadon series, but they just don't quite measure up. The gameplay was phenomenal for its time, the story arc was quite incredible (regardless of whether you thought 3 was a bit lacking), and the choice-making felt so dramatic in the game (so intense that I never saved before making a huge decision because hey that's life, you have to deal with the outcome). The story was written so eloquently and most of the factions felt so real. There was worth in saving people, worth in taking sides, and worth even in the creation of creatures, which grew to a certain extent to be like pets (it was also really beneficial not to just sacrifice them). Although there were factions that most felt were inherently evil, they still had enough substance that you could see their point of view and understand where they were coming from, even if you didn't agree with their choices. Although i felt the trakovites could have been much more expansive, I played through each game with every single faction, and enjoyed it every single time. I've played through them so frequently that they've truly lost their playthrough value, which I have to say was unbelievably extensive (especially 5). I don't know, maybe i'm just a poor sap who is nostalgic, but you guys made a truly phenomenal series with geneforge. Maybe geneforge could be extended to another region of the world. In 5 there were delegates from an entirely different part of the world (across the seas), that we never even got to see. There could be tons of room for another story there, especially since some of these people (like the energy hungry human in 1) were a core part of this series. All I'm saying is that I loved that world, and I'm sure there are plenty more out there just like me. But anyways, regardless of what I'm saying here, thank you guys for a great game. They don't make games like that anymore.
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