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  1. I don’t know if I have much patience to wait a long time, so I’ll probably just have to take the chance and try it when I get the chance lol.
  2. Good, I tend to (usually) like challenges. I actually have been editing the scenarios to be more challenging. I played escape from the pit, and liked torment, so I adjusted enemy health for each scenario. It worked well for the four Vogel scenarios, but it’s been a little hit or miss for user based ones. I might avoid it on your scenarios and see how I fare, as I’ve heard both bhask and exodus are tough.
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I have heard of Bhaskivva and Exodus, and I hope to play them soon. I’ve been a little disappointed in some scenarios I’ve played, but I guess I’m picky and want to play ones similar to what Vogel made. Where the rivers meet also interested me as well. Does it work for the the most part (I.e no game breaking bugs)? I thought I saw there was one by the Chessrook let’s play, which kind of worried me. If not, I would love to play it. I do look forward to other scenarios like homeland and this remake. The game may be 15 years old, but It’s cool to see that it has a small amount of people who are still interested in it.
  4. I’ve been getting back into blades and trying out some of the popular scenarios for the past few months. There are lurkers out there like myself playing the game and hiding in the shadows. 😉
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