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  1. Click outside the main gate was the answer. Thanks TriRodent! But doors seem to work at least 3 different ways - confusing.
  2. I am trapped inside Kelleran. I've dealt with the problem, spoken to the mayor, traded with the trader, but neither set of doors will open. I'm running the Mac version.
  3. Just approaching the gate: Archdemon Urthemiel Captain Hook Le Petit Prince The Hero of Kvatch Captain Ahab Maid Marion Lightning (FF)
  4. The major difference is that in Geneforge there's you and your "creations", and you have to choose between magic and shaping or balancing everything out for just one main character. In Avernum, you can build your own 4-person party emphasising fighting, magic, priest skills etc from three separate races, each with their own advantages. Also, the map is very very big, but continuous, and has a fast travel method which you will eventually gain access to. Also you can converse with several dragons, with differing results! My favourite is Avernum 2, where you meet a fourth, hitherto undiscovered race which is very different from the ones you are travelling with.
  5. How could I have forgotten Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Or Lady Macbeth
  6. Miss Piggy Mal Reynolds Kikuchiyo - the seventh samurai who was really a farmer's son Eeyore Erika Redmark Aeryn Sun (Looking at the current incumbent) George Wickham
  7. Hi VI (nice rhyme there I think} I too have played every Spiderweb game since Jeff started them in the 1990s with Exile - Escape From The Pit (now Avernum 1). I've even finished most of them, which shows how much I liked them, because Halo, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Witcher and Mass Effect apart, my record of finding game series that aren't too boring or too difficult or too fiddly to bother finishing them is not great. And Jeff's games aren't small, as I'm sure you've noticed. Also, his games are among the only ones I pay full price for because I appreciate how much work he's put in over the years and just do my tiny bit to help him continue. I'm also a bit of a completist, so I'm used to taking the roads less frequently travelled. So, I would be interested to assist your enterprise, because it's a new generation and that's always a good place to start - you won't have to look over your shoulder all the time to keep up with the history and lore. With what Jeff has already published, there's enough to get a rudimentary wiki up and running now ready for when the excrement hits the Expelair, so to speak. By the way, you've probably worked out by now that I"m pretty ancient, but I've been an editor and journalist for nearly 50 years, which means I can keep the language tight and readable. I'm a (very part-time) Wikipedia editor, mostly on my pet subject of ancient rock music, so I have a basic idea of the process. I have done a little Beta work for Jeff in the past on the latest Avernum remake (3). I live in the UK so, if you are in the US, that's a 5-8 hour time difference. On the other hand, being retired, I don't have to get up early in the morning, so stay up past midnight tweeting my thoughts and reading other peoples. So communication won't be too much of a problem. By the way, I have nearly 250 games on Steam, 90 odd on GoG, around 30 on MacGame Store and 1 on Origin (amazingly EA was selling Dragon Age: Inquisition for somewhere around £10, whereas all previous sales had it listed at over £20, which is my upper limit (except for Civilization, which I must have when it launches, probably because, like Exile, I started with Civ 1!)) PM me if I could be of help.
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