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  1. wait, so if I take out all the eggs, she can't make any more hatchlings to heal herself?
  2. I cannot bring the freaking Clawbug Queen down, I can't keep up with how fast she spawns her offspring, I'm playing a servile, so I don't know what to do, any suggestions?
  3. hmmm, I asked cause I was looking G2 strategy central for guardian builds and people mentioned getting luck, but I'm not sure why
  4. what does luck even do in the Geneforge games?
  5. Oh what? Huh, a few things in A5 seemed to imply to me there were hidden candidates you could support for becoming the new Emperor welp
  6. As I understand it, helping Gladwell in A6 is somewhat...what's the word, eh, anyways helping him seems like it's a bad thing due to what he asks you to do, but as I understand it helping Gladwell actually makes Avernum stronger in the endings The thing I always wondered, is it possible to cure the blight?
  7. I couldn't find anything about this from searching, at least nothing that wasn't buried deep anyways What are the different endings for Avernum 5 and 6, and how do you achieve them? I've been trying to find an answer to this
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