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  1. Hah! That is awesome you were able to reproduce that - must be what happened to me! I was able to use the "return home" cheat and all is well again. Thanks!
  2. I thought I had to forge the Demonslayer sword first...oh well, either way I am still stuck!
  3. Unfortunately I went into the room without the Demonslayer sword, so he didn't actually die - I think he escaped. I switched to "casual" mode when I realized I no choice but to fight him. That quest is not in my log. However, it might have been, then gone away after I (almost) killed him? I do have the Onyx scepter, which I believe ends the quest?
  4. Yeah but I kept playing. Auto-save is after, unfortunately. Somebody mentioned a "teleport" cheat, I will try that.
  5. I cannot, unfortunately. I wasn't exactly paying attention, as the four demons ambushed me. Still, I can't figure out how it could have happened. If my party was on that side of the gate, how did the gate wheel get triggered?
  6. Hi - forgive me if I am being a complete idiot here, but my party is trapped in the downstairs room that leads up to Adze. I have even killed Adze, thinking it would enable a way out, but no luck. I am stuck, literally. The gate is shut and I can't get out. Any ideas? Or is it just a glitch that means I lose 6 levels of characters and 10 hours of gameplay? Stuck here
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