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  1. What is weird is that enemies are that far from where the action takes place, no enemies should be off screen.
  2. No, this is normal, the inventory has been designed like that. The visible slots once you have left the fort are outlined with a darker colour than the other ones. The extra slots make improving items with runes and augments more practical, I think.
  3. Did you report to the quatermaster at the Vol Gates? There are many quests like that, they don't complete until you have reported to the quest giver.
  4. I finished the game and I notice that I don't have all the medals. Is that normal? Are medals choices dependent?
  5. I finished the game last night and if it's not a prequel to Avernum I realy don't know what it is.
  6. You don't need a gpu to play Spiderweb games; integrated graphics is largely enough. You probably have more than 32 mB though unless you play on reduced settings.
  7. Arvil respawn in the Nisse Refuge in the Ahriel land after we leave it and enter it again. If we have completed the quest by reporting to the quest giver, he will respawn as an anonymous drunken miner; if we have not completed the quest, he will respawn as himself and have his full dialogue.
  8. I just speeded up to end the game because I was curious about its ending(s). I had grown sure that whatever choices we make would reflect on the next game(s) and I'm pleased to see that I was right! Thank you! Now, I'm going to load an old save and play at a normal rate.
  9. You do use video ram, whether you know it or not... No offence intended.
  10. I have nothing to buy... and I'd rather not steal stuff. I took Lillian's Claw and the Ring of Fury wondering who was Lillian and that was it.
  11. Yeah, me again... There is a lot of things that are labelled "Not Yours" in the Drowning Gaol. Also, it seems that the maximum amount of money we can have is capped to 10,000. I no longer get any money.
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