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  1. And now Spiderweb have their own Discord... the place I'll never be. I tried it but I really don't like it.
  2. Yeah, it's a bit weird. Like the churches that have their Christmas midnight mass at 8:00 pm...
  3. We had fireworks in Paris around midnight; I wasn't asleep but it felt creepy, all these explosions...
  4. Happy 2020, Jeff! Happy 2020 everyone!
  5. What Amazon? The book store or the tv? My bet is the tv; these people won't be happy before they have sullied all interesting things in this world to squeeze as much money as can be out of them. I loved the films but they literally killed the books for me; it's a real pity. 😢 I hope I'll be able to read them once. Maybe after the Silmarillion? It's not an easy reading but I hope I'll manage to read the whole of it.
  6. I'm giving a try at The Silmarillion. I've seen the Hobbit and Rings films and find myself unable to read the books; at least they haven't put their hands on The Silmarillion yet.
  7. I hate Discord... It seems to be a useless chat room to me. By the way, no chat room or shout box here? I'll give a shot at the new Discord but I would love to have a shout box here!
  8. Ah, thank you for the info. Anyway, I have other gripes against this game, I'm back to Avernum.
  9. Well, I'm done playing this game. I cannot kill that drake in that cave where he has stolen the mind of these three soldiers. I play on casual and I cannot kill that drake. So, it's game over for me. I bought the three games, I guess Jeff will have good use of the money.
  10. Thanks for all your contributions! It's just surprising that Jeff leaves his stuff in the open like that when everyone everywhere are obsessed with protecting theirs from theft... On the other hand, I understand his understated point: "You steal my stuff? You'll have to deal with the consequences." I'm currently working on my first game, the question of protecting my work went through my mind once or twice although I'm far from any step where I should care. It's not my main concern yet and I think I'm going to just leave it behind.
  11. I notice that all the textures, sprites and scripts are directly available in the Data directories of the games, at least in Avernum, Avadon and Queen's Wish. Isn't Jeff afraid that people take them and use them in their own games? Even if some of the graphic resources come from OpenGameArt.org, others were made specially for the games and Jeff had to pay to use them.
  12. What is weird is that enemies are that far from where the action takes place, no enemies should be off screen.
  13. No, this is normal, the inventory has been designed like that. The visible slots once you have left the fort are outlined with a darker colour than the other ones. The extra slots make improving items with runes and augments more practical, I think.
  14. Did you report to the quatermaster at the Vol Gates? There are many quests like that, they don't complete until you have reported to the quest giver.
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