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  1. Hi. I really tried to enjoy the game but had to request for a refund because of the user interface. I did try it out for 3 hours and here's some things that irked me. General: - Only one inventory / character sheet visible at a time, when the screen could easily handle four. - You have to separately close the inventory screen to access character sheet and vice versa. - The shift-click + popup to pick up part of an inventory stack item is very cumbersome. There's many better ways to do this, ie. right click to take half of the stack. - The automatic pause when walking as you meet a (previously met) friendly NPC is irritating - The main play graphics area is way too small when playing with a large resolution monitor. 2560 x 1440 px width was impossible to use and I had to drop it down considerably. I'm not asking for higher resolution graphics, just a scale function for the main play area. Battle: - Hard to remember which of my characters should use what kind of magic, especially when I'm trying out different party positions. Should there even be a button (ie. priest spells) visible for a character that can't use them at all? - The colors for displaying if melee / ranged has been selected are not intuitive and I constantly mixed them up. How about just left click to melee, right click for a ranged attack? Especially when switching weapons does not seem to spend any action points. - Even though the keyboard shortcuts follow logic (ie. "p"=priest spells), they all all over the keyboard which makes them very cumbersome to use. - The quick access menu is nice. I wish I could also drag in my most used spells there. For me, it is a bit unbelievable usage wise that this game was remastered and published just last year. Otherwise it felt promising.
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