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  1. Thank you, i just had to go through more towns/dungeons to start it over.
  2. In Chasm of Screams I triggered the Quickfire from the hidden room and fled but now the entire dungeon is filled with quickfire. Is there a timeline on when this will disappear? I rested for a few days went into a different town. Still there. Thanks
  3. Is there a part of the Misc.dat that can be changed to only fix the sound issue and keep the registered copy?
  4. Hello everyone, I have played through Exile 3 at various times but more recently I tried to go back through and play on my Mac through a VM. I got it on WINXP and have downloaded the game from the website and had to download the sound misc dat fix so that it loads correctly. However it is showing as an unregistered copy. Anyone know any solutions to this? Thanks Game code: 20471 Editor code: 4210
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