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    Avernum3: where is Seles

    This time I just walked up and tried the portal (before Seles, or the techs told me to go away). Seems I can use it even if Seles has vanished.
  2. greendragon

    Avernum3: where is Seles

    Thanks for responding! That's where I met her before. Now there are only four guards and two portal technitions. No Seles??
  3. greendragon

    Avernum3: where is Seles

    I'm playing version 1.03, which I downloaded through HumbleBundle a couple weeks ago. Early on I visited the Portal Fortress and met everyone including Seles. Later after playing up top for a while and returning to talk with Anaximander he said I could now ask to use to Portal to visit the Tower of the Magi. Returning to Portal Fortress, however, I can't find Seles there anymore?? I have saved, reloaded, gone topside, and back.. still no Seles? Any help much appreciated.