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  1. So I may have been a wee bit enthusiastic with my pro-rebel stuff. Alwan didn't want to give me the Moseh quest, and I can't get training from Duncan. I'm hoping doing Mouawad's quest will push me over the limit I need for Duncan, otherwise I may have to rely on canisters, which I didn't want to do. I've only used three so far, and I think you can use 14 without getting a bad ending (although Trakovites don't have a distinction, I guess). This is more of a pain than I thought it would be.
  2. I'm at Cairn Gates, and the only pro-Shaper thing I've done so far is help Shaila escape, which I only did because I sympathized with her. The only other pro-Shaper thing I'm thinking of doing is getting the Heart of the Kiln for Mouawad (I think that's his name), because I want the Skein of Wisdom. If I report Moseh's death to Alwan, will that count as doing the Shaper task and let me use the Shaper path to Burwood?
  3. I'll probably just pretend to help the Shapers until I get that quest from Alwan. I figure it would make sense for my character to want to stick close to the rebels if he was a Trakovite sympathizer. It may limit me a bit, especially since I don't plan on using many canisters, but it's not much different than my recent G3 playthrough where I was a Shaper sympathetic toward creations. Didn't use any canisters and had limited training available because of my opinions.
  4. Thanks for the reply! 😀 I guess it isn't really that surprising that you'd have to be heavily pro-rebel for the exiled ending. The main reason I was wondering is because I really like the availability of the Shaper trainers. At the very least, I like having access to all of Shaper Duncan's creations, which I believe requires you to repair Moseh. I was hoping that I could at least repair Moseh, but it sounds like even that isn't really an option.
  5. So I'm playing through the series again, and I just beat G3. I'm looking to go for the Trakovite ending this G4 playthrough. I've done it before, so I know the specific thing necessary to get this ending. My question has to do with the two branches of the ending. I've looked at the G4 Ending Chart, and I know that you can either be exiled or executed in the Trakovite ending. I know that whether one or the other happens depends on your reputation. My thing is, the last time I went Trakovite, I thought I was pretty pro-rebel. I straddled the fence action-wise, sure, but my opinions were pretty one-sided. Despite that, I still got the execution ending. Does anyone know how far rebel you have to be to get the exiled ending? Do you have to do everything the rebels want, or can you help the Shapers a bit?
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