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  1. Is that so? It must be something new because I used (like 10 years ago) to edit Geneforge saves all the time using Text Editor on Macs and never had issues. I've already restarted twice so I'm not really inclined to re-do the entire quest chain+exploration for the sake of my obsession with roleplay.
  2. What program should I be using to manually edit saves? I am currently using Windows and have tried Notepad and Notepad++, I used to play on Mac so I don't know if Windows saves are in a different format, because when I tried to open the save files in those programs, all I get is a massive window of weird characters (I've also tried borrowing my brother's Mac and load the saves using Text Editor, which is the app I used before when I used to play on Mac OS, the same issue occured). Has something changed over the years (I haven't edited any saves for nearly a decade) or am I doing something wrong? Assuming I manage to open my save file, my question is: Assuming I accidentally put a point in Strength (meaning NPC will only let me buy 1 level instead of 2) and I want to be able to use an NPC skill trainer later on to buy those 2 levels in Strength, if I edit the save to give myself back the characteristic points and reduce the Strength back to default stats, will I be able to buy 2 levels or am I still stuck with 1 level?
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