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  1. Thank you Ishad Nha, I will try this spell out for further exploration, as my group has already died a few times of traps on chests.
  2. Oh, that's good to know, thank you! So I have to visit all the locations before doing the last Quest. Yes, I would like to play both sides in any case
  3. I am playing Celts at the moment (following the order of the walkthrough by Matt P). But I will come back as you do, to explore the remainder of the dungeon. Is there a chance to enter all the locations after finishing the last quest, or will it force me to the main screen?
  4. Thank you so much Randomizer, I finally found it! 😊 Is there another Quest later in the Game which leads to this location again? I have missed some issues.. (the lizards in the south-west corner of floor 3, the second floor with the magical barriers and some doors which I can‘t open because of too few points in strength).
  5. Hello everyone, I walked through the goblin pits and uncovered all three floors, but unfortunately I can't find the third key. The Hintbook I just bought doesn't even mention it and in the Walkthrough from Matt P it says "key 3 can be obtained by getting to the body on the ledge", but I can't find it there. Can you help me please find this key? Thank you very much!
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