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  1. You are going quite far on words,it's not that bad, let's say that a rework was needed due to how powerful you could get and how hard it was to balance with always 2 action per turn, but the way it is now leaves an unsatisfied taste indeed.
  2. In G5 it gives you a chance to make an action cost 5 AP instead of all your Ap
  3. Mass energize gives Speed, but in G4-5 ( I don't remember for G3) it doesn't increase your max AP anymore. You are right about experience and items, you lose Spectral boots (5% armor, 5% energy res., 5% acid res., 5% energy res. of creations, 5% acid res. of creations). But, remember that you can do this as soon as you get to Mera which is right after the Presence events, which is very early game, so for me it's a small trade-off, considering you get one of the most powerful charm : +2 int +2dex (-2 vit...), and a solidified flame that allows you to make +3 mental +3 battle +3 blessing gauntlet almost at the start of the game lol
  4. Hi, here's a way to pass Okavano Sea Caves that doesn't require combat at all if you have enough leadership (9) All you need is initiative over foes, here I'm using 5 dex and 15 quick action but those are probably overkill, I needed them at such high level to get initiative on Gorash-Kel to get out from a bad quick-save in front of an Unbound. At some point in the video i needed to quick-load due to mismicro'ed path-finding on my part. I didn't bother looting the items in the blue jar next to the ghost Shaper for the video, but it easily doable since he has very low detection radius, you just have to wait for him to walk away. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6v98e2 Thanks to Jeff and everyone who helped crafting this amazing game.
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