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  1. Where exactly is that? Summon Aid is the only L3 mage spell I have left to complete. I’m sure I’ve been there before but A3 for the iPad isn’t quite the same as 1 and 2 were when it comes to updating the world map with side quest locations. It doesn’t even give all the towns. Major cities, some towns and major quest locations only. I’m also looking for L3 Summon Host. I know it’s in Blackcrag but not sure if something triggers it or I have to search.
  2. Justin Devlin

    A3 Spiral Crypt & Gorvifal

    Thanks a bunch. That is the toughest one to spot in the game. I thought it was a wall decoration.
  3. Justin Devlin

    A3 Spiral Crypt & Gorvifal

    I’ve gone in circles through that dungeon so many times I don’t even remember a quickghast. Every lever is stuck. I already have Dispel Barrier L3 and I’ve used up energy potions casting Move Mountains L3 in every conceivable spot but to no avail. For the love of god, where is it?? I’m a veteran of these games since the ‘90s when they were called Exile and I bought them on floppy disc ffs. Why can’t I solve this?
  4. Justin Devlin

    Starcap Reward in A3

    Oops, never mind, found it. I just needed to check the tomes again. Sorry to jam up the board with this, I’d delete the post if I could.
  5. Justin Devlin

    Starcap Reward in A3

    Also, what’s with Grove and Spragins? Can I ever get a look at what’s behind their barriers or is this one of Jeff’s famous red herrings?
  6. Hi, I’m playing A3 on my iPad and I think I either missed something or there may be a glitch. I found Zang for Starcap and I haven’t received my Cloak of Bolts reward. I tried not killing him, I tried killing him, no reward. Still level 2 and there’s no dialogue option to report the quest is complete. Did he already tell me where to get it and I just missed it? Thanks.
  7. Hello. I’m playing A3 on an iPad and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get to the center of the Spiral Crypt to face Gorvifal. I’ve checked the forum archives but no one’s solution seems to be working for me. Where is this hidden switch that everyone but me seems to be able to find? All the levers are stuck. Any help is much appreciated.