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    Avernum 3: burned by lasers

    O.K. I think I have figured out how to move around. Can't cross the laser arrays that is 4 wide, but able to sneak about in combat mode and move my players. Finally!
  2. Stormmage42

    Avernum 3: burned by lasers

    So I have gone back and tried this, isn't working. Can't even walk through a beam and take the hit. This is getting frustrating. Trying to make my way to the SW corner to the control panel. I'm giving up and coming back again later.
  3. I am very frustrated by the lasers on the second level. I have destroyed all four crystal souls, was able to use mirrors in lower level (and take some damage) now on upper level and can't get past lasers. Tried staying in combat mode, but after some time they go back on. Taking so long. Any advice?