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  1. Ah, alright. Might have to restart the game then, since I don't know if I have a save from before he started chasing me, but it's early in the game anyway. Thank you! And yes, my sanity's been missing for a decade or so now. Who needs it anyway?
  2. As part of a recent binge on Spiderweb Software games, I've just started Avadon 2. I'm playing on Normal difficulty, as a tinkermage, and I keep dying to Senicha in the part where you have to get to the Avadon pylon. Are you supposed to be able to just avoid him? Or should I try to level up more before attempting this part (which seems wrong, because the story pushes how urgent it is that you get to the pylon as soon as possible, so it feels wrong to go do sidequests now...)
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