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  1. Thank you so much sanity restored to factory settings now. Normally I can sort the problems out but this one had me stumped. Agate
  2. Hi all, I desperately need some help. I am using a MAC system macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 i have Avernum 3 1.0.0 (2) I am going through the Giant's cave system and have reached the Sacred Chamber anteroom. I can see the buttons to press but there are no names attached to them. I pressed buttons and names appeared. I tried to press them in different orders to get all of the names to appear. I wandered back through the levels to see if I had missed a button or place that would give me a clue (nope) I wandered around shattering stone to make sure I had not missed any of those. (nope) I searched for a walkthrough in desperation and found one that gave an order to press the buttons in. Went back sorted out the order cleared the screen (going back up a level and then back down) and pressed the buttons in the order from the walkthrough NADA What have I missed this is driving me insane? Came here and looked to see if others had the same problem but could not find anything that matched. Thanks all Agate