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  1. @ Electrons.... and Randomizer. I had the key but what I missed was a switch in the sewer system... ouch what an embarassment. I had already explored below at an earlier stage, but kept bumping into barriers an rocks which I couldn't remove. The trick was the switch. I can't believ I missed that... but I did. The gate I was referring to was in fact not the one in the sewer but the one topside, just across the city square. Thanks for assisting, I really appreciate it.
  2. @TriRodent - Thanks for replying. Yes, I'm able to enter "The Keep" (the town anyway) and have killed everything in site .. and in side ;-) .. However, there is a building (The Vahnatai tower) in the city that I'm unable to enter. It's gated and the gate is closed. As I said I can't open the gate ... or find any other way in. I'm pretty sure that is where I'm supposed to go ?.
  3. Hi all, I seem to be completely stuck in the main quest story line and seemingly unable to finish the game. I have completed the slime, golem and giant quests and have received "The weapon" from Ostoth after telling him that it was the Vahnatai responsible for the plagues. I've been to Gikhra, fought the ghost Vahnatai, and followed the rest to the cave in "the east" where I've received the messages and explanations from Rentar Ihrno. So this is where I seem unable to progress from. Erika just acknowledges my info regarding the Vahnatai, So does Anaximander who otherwise just urges me to search the foortracer province (which I have done ofcourse) . The Princes has granted access to the quarantined area and I have searched high and low for any way to further progress and the dialog options with the princes, Anaximander, Erika etc just does not seem to change. I'm guessing that the next point of entry is in the BVahnatai tower in Tinraya - but I seem unable to open the gate and for the life of me I can not find any hiden switches, locked doors or frail walls will allow me to enter. So ... what am I missing ? Any help/pointers appreciated.