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  1. Avadon 2 Character Editor

    Any clue why? Or how it can be overcome?
  2. Avadon 2 Character Editor

    Nor does it work for anyone but the main character and the blademaster
  3. Avadon 2 Character Editor

    This does not seem to work for the shamen or for the sorcerer.
  4. Avadon 2 All members question

    Awesome. Thank you
  5. Party size mod?

    Where do I paste this in the game files?
  6. Avadon 2 All members question

    Greetings, I am slowly making my way through the Avadon series, and I am wondering if a way exists to bring all my companions with me on the missions? I would love to see all the interactions between them at the different event points in the game. Thanks, Shadowntr