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  1. After finishing avernum 6 I am going to play Avernum 5 and I would like ask some things about the party I plan to use: First character: Slith polearms user investing in blademaster and parry, the trait is elite warrior and I do not know if I should add pure spirit (for some priest spells), divine touch or none Second character: Slith priest developing polearms, priest spells, spellcraft and magery, no blademaster or parry, maybe anatomy and lethal blow. Traits: elite warrior and pure spirit. Is it a good character? should I use another skills or traits? Third character: Human priest/mage: easy, pure spirit and natural mage, skills: mage and priest spells with spellcraft and magery Fourth character: Human mage: nimble fingers and natural mage using mage spells and tool use. Is it a good party or will I find hard problems at some point in the game? Many thanks.
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