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  1. I run the newer games cooler by making a custom power plan and lowering max CPU%. I haven't had any issues doing this but it is a bit annoying.
  2. I'll be trying out the demo for sure. I'm in the middle of replaying OG Avernum 3 and have a vacation coming up, so buying the game will have to wait. Still excited for this release though.
  3. Awesome. This will save me some time. Thanks.
  4. Actually that would be quite useful. Share away
  5. Thanks guys. Looks like when it's time to play BoA I will have to do some planning. I kind of can't wait.
  6. Last year I played the first BoA scenario an it was quite fun, but I wanted to get into trying out the Geneforge series so I never went back to BoA. Now I'm in the process of replaying Avernum 3 then Nethergate:R again. Once I'm done with that I will dive into BoA. One thing I wonder about is the process of playing all the scenarios. How does it work in terms of balance? How do I know if I'll find an amazing weapon in one scenario that trivializes the next scenario I play?
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep pushing on. I've been making some progress with the spiral pit. After that I will wander the lands looking for easy-ish foes. I still have options, so I will hold off on starting over.
  8. Replaying this game, but on torment difficulty this time around. The challenge is doable until I make it back to Avernum after that river journey. After that, anywhere I went, I would get destroyed. I'm building my front guy as a kind of tank slash front row battle guy. I wasn't paying attention to levels up until now. I check levels and my front guy's level is half that of everyone else. I check my experience penalties and it makes sense. Everyone is around 35% penalty while front row dude is at 70%. I use the character editor to remove a trait, but I'm worried he will be under leveled for the whole game. I didn't see an option to change levels or experience. I don't want to "cheat", but I also don't want to start over again.
  9. Spider (not to be confused with Spider or Spider).
  10. Well, anything I said was pure speculation and guessing from what I saw when opening a save file in Wordpad.
  11. I'm sure the saves are in Jeff's own format, so there isn't really a way to open a save file and change things easily. I imagine you could brute force the save format but I feel it would be quicker to just start a new game.
  12. I'm not a fan of nu-haste. Haste in the original Avernums was one of my favourite spells.
  13. Eh, I just want to use the setting of Avernum and make it in a Doom map. World design/creation is what I'm into.
  14. Now and then I've thought about trying to make Avernum as a Doom map.
  15. Ah thanks. I was wondering if it would be needed to grind to get the level 30 medal after finishing the game. Good to know I have a lot of game left.
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