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  1. Chopkinsca

    G1: Late game starting to be a drag

    I'll get there some day. Unless I die, then I have bigger things to worry about.
  2. Chopkinsca

    G1: Late game starting to be a drag

    Double posting. I pushed through and finished the game. I'm glad I played it. Combat became a bit samey, but part of it was because I just had three terror vlish. I'll probably play Avernum 5 next.
  3. Chopkinsca

    G1: Late game starting to be a drag

    I know what you mean. In A2 I'll never experience for the first time going down that river and the strange lands you end up in. I only stumbled across these games early in the year, but they've been the only games I've been playing ever since. I own most of the games too, except A3:RW and Avadon 3.
  4. Chopkinsca

    G1: Late game starting to be a drag

    Oh, I'll still be sure to clear out as many of the zones as possible.I did the Shaper Crypt up to the locked door. That took some time, but I'm only playing it on tricky. I played A4 before Geneforge 1 and that looks like the same engine as A5. I don't mind going back a generation of engines. I plan on going back to BoA someday. Oh my, so many Spiderweb Software games to play.
  5. The game started out slow for me, then it quickly picked up and I was hooked on it. I am sure I'm getting close to the end and it's seeming to drag on. Combat doesn't get too engaging. I'm level 21 and most things don't give experience, so character growth has slowed down a lot. I miss having to gear up four different party members and deal with assigning their stats with may options. I feel I've been stuck with my creation configuration because it works, but at the same time gets a bit boring. I thought after this I'd go straight to Geneforge 2, but now thinking I might do Avernum 5. I'm not sure yet. Geneforge 1 is still a fun game and I'm glad I bought and starting playing the series.
  6. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    I'm trying to play as blind as possible (But I do falter on some things). In game, I haven't felt compelled to choose a side or anything. Knowing there could be rewards isn't quite enough from a role playing perspective. I also feel like I don't know the 3 groups well enough, though I could choose one if I had to.
  7. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    I don't think I should start a new topic for this question? Still in Geneforge 1 (I'm addicted to canisters). Will I ever feel a need to join a faction? I'm probably more than halfway through the game at this point.
  8. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    Ah okay, thanks.
  9. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    I may as well post a quick question here. Do any stats pass on to creations? Stats like resistance or armour from items.
  10. Chopkinsca

    nethergate remake

    I'm thinking "unplayable" comes from playing modern SWS games and going back to that old Avernum engine that Nethergate runs on.
  11. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    Good to know. In the Avernum games that I have played, I'd keep separate loot piles because I heard of the item limit. Better to be safe. Oh, Geneforge is fun so far, a bit different from the Avernum I'm used to. Looking forward to see where the story goes.
  12. Chopkinsca

    Geneforge 1: Place to stash items

    Ah, cool. Thanks
  13. Just a quick question here. Are there any safe spots where I can drop off extra items? I'm not sure if areas change depending on choices.
  14. Chopkinsca

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    Avernum here. I only just bought the series from gog near the start of the year (a damn good deal). At that time, I didn't even know that the original Avernum games were remakes. A shame the Exile games take a little bit of effort to get running on modern machines. I like to play older games so I can understand the legacy they represent. I can at least try Blades of Exile at some point.
  15. Chopkinsca

    CBoE downloads gone?

    All those attachments give me an error.