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  1. Haven't looked at the game's actual scripting yet. I mostly use it to keep the days from advancing (still at Day 1), turn fake Anama rings on/off (so i can take all the quests, use all the services), adjust Vahnatai Lore as needed, freeze hp/mp if needed, change stats as needed, group reputation, edit inventory as needed, change available attr/skill/trait points during level up, etc. As far as Dark Thoughts and Dread Curse go those addresses do at least seem to update them on your "journal - special items tab", including turn them off or on. Never tried it with more than one, never got more than one :-) I'll take a look after i beat it. Getting ready to make my run on the Black Fortress. I wasn't aware it wouldn't actually have any effect on your chars since everything else seems to work. If I set Dread Curse to 0 at that address, the one guy in the game that can remove it never knows i have it. I'll look through the scripts before my 2nd play through. Thanks for the info :-) EDIT: I can mid-battle set my dread curse to say 50 or 100, during battle and never do *ANY* damage, setting to 0 mid-battle seems to make everything work as normal again. Its got to be reading that value correctly or at least to some degree for some stat. Does a dread curse mess up your defense as well? *chuckles* never had enough stacked to know :-) Anyway I will look at the scripts when I have a second. Again, thanks for the info. EDIT: Also, yes, I agree with you on Dark Thoughts. I have as much fun using cheatengine or any memory editor as I do playing the game. So I always see what I can do. Just because I can, doesn't mean I do, on my first play through :-) I just checked, i'm currently at 3. I'd think most of the nuts and bolts or meat and potatoes are in the .dat or .exe. So, I have to throw darts from a distance :-D
  2. If you are using cheat engine and the gog version of the game (i'm sure its not hard to find on in the steam version) I have: "Avernum 3.exe"+4BA14A -- Dark Thoughts "Avernum 3.exe"+4BA14C -- Dread Curse cheers :-) EDIT: Not that I condone such things
  3. *cough* If you decide to go that route *cough* 5000 steps = 1 day 5000 x 160 = 800,000 I have not tried advancing my clock (step counter) in actual game play, only stopping it. I figured I'd go back to a previous save after I finish and trying it out so I could do that portion of the game as well. I'm still on "Day 1" and nearly at the end of the game. I'll let you know how it goes. Only issues I could see would be skipping over specific world deterioration scripted days. There are threads with those days listed as well. If it appears to break anything for you, take the days listed multiply them by 5000 subtract 5-10 steps. Then in the game manually take the few steps to advance to the next day. Rinse and repeat with next scripted day event for next world deterioration. If you go that route, good luck, and your mileage may vary.
  4. if i had to guess: nothing. EDIT: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/16809-xian-items/ Old version: Posted February 9, 2012 .... Xian shrub = Pretty useless though, will make plants sprout randomly .... possibly does what the Xian rock does, but randomly adds plants to inventory?
  5. The shrub has the base icon/sprite/whatever of the potted plant. The pot is a light green, the foliage is bright green and it does the intermittent magic sparkle in inventory, but doesn't seem to do it on the ground. I haven't found it yet either.
  6. Manually fiddling with inventory using cheat engine, I have the following (10 items): I've only found 6 so far EDIT: OP said minor spoilers, sorry (moved list to spoiler tag)
  7. unixtroglodyte

    Avernum 3 Time Counter

    anytime :-)
  8. unixtroglodyte

    Avernum 3 Time Counter

    I'm using the gog version, everything seems to be a static. I'm using a 4-byte value at "Avernum 3.exe"+4BA194
  9. unixtroglodyte

    Avernum 3 Time Counter

    BTW, went back and retested, its a 4-byte value or you can't go previous of day 27, i just set mine to (1) step and it does indeed go back to 'Day 1' EDIT: Apparently you only need to reset the (2) that are the same. Mine are actually about (1) step away from each other. EDIT: Nope just the one that is (1) step ahead.
  10. unixtroglodyte

    Avernum 3 Time Counter

    For cheatengine: I had good luck with choosing 2 byte value (if its larger it doesn't matter) 'unknown initial value'. Take X steps, search for 'increased value by', rinse and repeat. I found '3'. Two are the same, one is about 8700 steps further than the (2) that are the same. Make sure and freeze at day time ;-) or its constantly dark. No clue what this does to your game. Fairly certain it works, held down the spacebar while watching an hour of tv. I didn't save the game, was just testing. I've found pretty much everything so far with CE, no problem. Also make sure to count your steps using arrow keys not mouse, so you get a proper count while using CE initially to find timers.