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  1. I think the worst unreachable teaser was the room behind Erika's throne in Exile 3. You could tell that there was some designed terrain in that room (i.e., it is not just floor tiles), but as far as I know there was no way to access it.
  2. When my Nature Lore is high enough, I am able to calm down some of the wild creatures I encounter. If I kill these creatures anyway, will I face any risk of the zone becoming hostile to me?
  3. Can we get this in a grid that won't hurt my eyes?
  4. That's a shame. I always liked the riddles in your previous games. They added a more intellectual aspect to the hack&slash action. Some of them were extremely clever, in my opinion, and I reminisce fondly about those in Exile 3. I personally think Spiderweb's graphics have come a long, long way from back in the Escape from the Pit days. With the inclusion of area of effect spells, the ability to cast buffs on NPCs, weather effects, scripts, missile weapons actually worth having, and everything else, tiny gripes about graphics seem picayune and trivial to me.
  5. Monsters do respawn in a few areas in his latest games. Perhaps we would be appeased if they respawned in large groups.
  6. I'm going to inform Jeff of this by E-mail tomorrow unless one of you does it first. I guarantee you this is illegal.
  7. Fort

    No Geneforge

    I like that explanation a lot.
  8. If you want to talk to the Jeff, who basically constitutes the whole of Spiderweb Software as the programmer and writer, you should E-mail him because he rarely looks on these forums. I doubt Jeff would add a lore section to the hintbook, though. I think it is just more fun to make it up as you go along.
  9. Well, even if we cannot have cliffs as a part of the engine, I hope there will still be some special encounters in which we can satisfy our cliff-jumping cravings. I do want to make it known, though, that the incorporation of height into the Geneforge style graphics is hard to get used to at first.
  10. My suggestion is not to worry about it. First aid is practically useless until A4, wherein the skill recovers health for you after every battle.
  11. I'm pretty confident we can start jumping off cliffs again in A5. It was one of the things I missed dearly in the GF series. But we're just going to have to wait for confirmation.
  12. I wouldn't mind having a more multiracial assortment of creations to choose from. I'd make a purples fyoras, neon yellow fyoras, black vlish, striped battle alphas, etc. My Rainbow Coalition and I will surely prevail. If we fail the first time, we'll have another shot in about four years.
  13. But we are not talking about the character editor or cheating. We are talking about the aspects of the game that could be exploited by players in the course of normal, intelligent play. EDIT: From Jeff's quick description of the fatigue system, it appears as if each battle discipline or ability immediately fatigues you; that is, there is no endurance counter that must be gradually depleted before the fatigue effect sets in. For example, in this screenshot , I take it that Aldous cannot use any abilities for 4 turns because he used Well-Aimed Blow this turn.
  14. Maybe this feature was removed from the games to discourage swing-and-miss tactics...
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