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  1. I'm near the end of Heroes of Steel right now...trying decide if I should just walk away. The game has many problems: If you want to see a game with lack of variety in enemies, Heroes of Steel is the archetype. Boring. Similarly, no variety in battles. ~30 enemies against your four-member party. Again and again and again. No walkthroughs on the Internet. No need given that the game consists of the same enemies and battles constantly. However, in one area, I opened a gate, got decimated, reloaded, went to the same gate and couldn't get in this time. I suspect it's a bug. Went to the Internet to look for a walkthrough...none. After a few days, when my head clears from the tedium, I'll probably return to finish off this uninspired "170% successfully funded KickStarter" game. My guess: the people who like this game paid in...it's called "cognitive dissonance", guys.
  2. You're the chief cook and bottle washer here. If you want the discussion to degenerate to typical "yo momma" forum fare, I'll help to get it started. Now, that complaint from DanNeely about Eschalon is just a downright falsehood. A player does NOT need to "go back to the surface to rest". He/She simply must get far enough away from enemies IN THE MINE (or any other underground location) to rest, which isn't very far. How'd I do?
  3. Given that so many people in this thread mentioned Eschalon, I decided to play all three games in the series. They are quite fun. Most importantly... Very low system requirements Finishable Book II is probably the best. Book III is probably the worst. Many of the complaints about Eschalon in this thread seem inaccurate to me. If you have any questions about a specific complaint, send me a message. Each Eschalon game has only one major shortcoming: Book I: Your character's ToHit stat is out of balance compared to the enemies. They seldom miss; you will often run away to rest, then return to fight some more until you finally kill the enemy. Book II: In Book I, the world map in the .pdf file was useful (also available as an item in the game). In Book II, the designers inexplicably produced a lower-quality world map, which I found basically useless. Book III: Books I and II are very well organized, showing a sensitivity to the needs of players. Book III...for some inexplicable reason, the designers tried hard to make the game obscure. Too many dependencies in quests--to finish quest F, you first need to finish quests A, B, C, D, and E. If you get stuck...and you will...because an area of the world map is not readily accessible...or because quests A, B, C, D, and E don't seem relevant to each other or to quest F, you'll be forced to consult a walkthrough. Too many obscure puzzles. Too many tasks that aren't logged in the quest book. Too many unexplained aspects of the game (for example, the numbered tokens).
  4. I just finished reading through this topic, making a list of the games mentioned because I, too, need a game to play after just finishing Avadon 3. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Here's my 2 cents worth: 1. Wow. I'm literally shocked that nobody said, "Play the Geneforge series now". It's been a while since I completed the full series, but I only have fond memories. 2. I keep a list of every game that I've finished (as I wrote in an earlier post, aren't all RPG players a little OCD? :-). Here are a few names that haven't already appeared in this topic and I found quite enjoyable: Revenant Castle of the Winds - A Question of Vengeance then Castle of the Winds - Lifthransir's Bane (play in order) Space Hack Driftmoon (a very slight Christian undertone without giving you an ear banging)
  5. eaintree: I had a problem with both quests that you mention, too. Burning Papers First Gifts I agree--confusing. To exacerbate the confusion...1) I had the spore quest(s) active at the time for Anton, and I figured that the special plant for the First Gifts quest might be related, and 2) No star on the map (yes, not possible given the ubiquitous nature of potted plants) like most other quests. In fact, these two quests that tripped up you and I *both* do not have a star on the map.
  6. Ess-Eschas: Wow. Thanks for your excellent answer.
  7. 1. Is detailed information available about the format of items in the av3itemschars.txt file? if yes, where? 2. More specificallly, I want to change an item so it can be equipped by a Sorcerer. It is currently prohibited from being worn by a Sorcerer. 3. Even more specifically , I'm trying to fix the bug where Scorched Greaves have +1 Focus Mastery, which only applies to Sorcerers, but the Scorched Greaves can't be worn by a Sorcerer. Yes, I've read the related forum post that says +1 Focus Mastery will apply to whomever can wear the Scorched Greaves. Like all RPG players, I'm a little OCD , and I want the Sorcerer to wear the Scorched Greaves so she can get the +1 Focus Mastery. Thanks for your help.
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