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    1. Is detailed information available about the format of items in the av3itemschars.txt file? if yes, where? 2. More specificallly, I want to change an item so it can be equipped by a Sorcerer. It is currently prohibited from being worn by a Sorcerer. 3. Even more specifically , I'm trying to fix the bug where Scorched Greaves have +1 Focus Mastery, which only applies to Sorcerers, but the Scorched Greaves can't be worn by a Sorcerer. Yes, I've read the related forum post that says +1 Focus Mastery will apply to whomever can wear the Scorched Greaves. Like all RPG players, I'm a little OCD , and I want the Sorcerer to wear the Scorched Greaves so she can get the +1 Focus Mastery. Thanks for your help.