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  1. This. I never understood why the party size was reduced when remaking the Exile games into the first Avernum trilogy.
  2. Nathalie is my favorite companion Tinkermage is my favorite class. In systems that have them engineer style classes are usually my default class or starting class. Even better Tinkermage has some traits I associate with rogue style classes and rogues are my favored class in most systems that have them and don't have engineers.
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    I was hoping for an Avadon 4 but I'm sure the new series will be fun. Avadon and Exile/Avernum are my two favorite Spiderweb series but after playing all six Avernum games and both Avernum remakes in the past 3 years I would prefer more Avadon over Avernum 7 right now, especially with the remake of Avernum 3 coming.
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