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  1. Alright I'm going to focus on Hardiness and Resistance. I started over and I'm about half-way to where I was. I've more or less ignored the utility skills except for nimble hands across the board, instead focusing on various defensive stuff and dual-wielding for my tank. I also made my archer a pole-weapon wielder instead. I'm definitely getting MUCH more front-line damage than I was before and that's mopping stuff up even faster than my previous save file. My mages are still annoyingly weak but I guess Smite and Firebolt are just really under-powered compared to Avernum 1. Didn't realize I could only raise them once per level either so I feel like I should've put all 5 initinial points into Mage Spell and Priest Spells but I don't think it'll be a hindrance enough to bother me. Here's to hoping things go smoothly this time around, or at least not mind-numbingly painful. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Exactly one person. Jeff Vogel. Sometimes his wife helps I believe but I don't recall what with. He has a friend who does some of the art too but I don't think any of that is in the Geneforge series.
  3. 1st Char Str: 10 (+3) Dex: 3 Int: 3 End: 6 (+1) Melee Weapons: 8 Blademaster: 1 Cave Lore: 1 Improved Strength 2 Improved Endurance 1 Sure Hand 1 2nd Char Str: 4 Dex: 12 (+2) Int: 3 End: 4 Bows: 8 Sharpshooter: 1 Tool Use: 8 (+1) Improved Dexterity 2 Deadeye 1 Nimble Fingers 1 3rd Char Str: 4 Dex: 4 Int: 11 (+2) End: 4 Priest Spells: 8 First Aid: 8 Spellcraft: 1 Improved Intelligence 2 Healing Focus 1 Energy Blessing 1 4th Char Str: 4 Dex: 4 Int: 11 (+2) End: 4 Mage Spells: 8 Arcane Lore: 8 Spellcraft 1 Magical Efficiency 0 (+1) Improved Intelligence 2 Elemental Focus 1 Energy Blessing 1 I'm not having trouble hitting by the way, even get these mobs that beat me up and down the room I'm typically scoring around 80% hit chance and feel plenty good about that. If there's a way to increase Daze's likeliness to actually daze that would be nice but other than that I feel comfy. My characters just get instantly mowed down by the Shaman's Acid Rain or the Chief's cleaving. I can probably use better positioning to handle the Chief as I only have one melee but still, this is absurd. General thoughts I have after typing it all out. I could improve my train selection a good deal knowing now that the Improved Attribute traits aren't as desirable but I don't think that's what's holding me back. My tank actually has more END than what I was expecting but the HP increasing trait is needed. First Aid I know isn't needed per se but I enjoy it. I think I've been getting pretty decent returns so far but at 8 points it does seem kinda lackluster. With further thought it might not have high enough gains to appeal even to me. I know Cave Lore is technically a dud but I enjoy digging up caches when I find them. I guess with CL, TU, and AL I should be stretching them out further than I currently am. If those skills were all at 3 right now and I had 5 points in things like Parry, Gymnastics, and Resistance would I not be having these problems? That's the biggest thing I can see but it still doesn't feel right. Lastly, what's so frustrating is that I know with enough levels these characters could be totally fine and able to clear the game. I have enough aux skills for the first 75% of the game if not more and could just focus on damage and survival. I simply can't progress anywhere though and I'm not going to grind out on wondering mobs.
  4. Hi, I've been playing Spidweb games for at least a decade and recently got back into them. I'm trying to play through all 6 Avernum games in order hoping that I finish 2 around the release of Avernum: The Ruined World. With that pretense, I've hit a ginormous brick wall in difficulty in A: EftP. I'm still at the beginning of the game having cleared Silvar, Cotra, Duvno, and Formello I started cleaning dungeons having no trouble in the Bandit Fort, Bat Cave, or the Goblin Tunnels. I was even able to pretty easily clear the back of the Bat Cave but I think that's been made MUCH easier than it was in Avernum. Feeling extremely confident I go to the Underground Nepharim Fort and with a little bit of trouble clear most of the area. The two side rooms that contain shamans and the Chief have been essentially unbeatable though. After dozens attempts I was able to clear one of the side rooms with lucky Dazes and surgical executions of the shaman. Without dozens of attempts to get the luck to line up I can't finish this place though, and it's driving me crazy. The goblin tunnels were a laughing walk through the park previous to this so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Iirc this is the next dungeon I ought to do and the Nephilim Fortress a little to the north is second. For building my characters I have a melee, an archer (which I know aren't optimal but I wanted one), a priest, and a mage. All were made with custom template. Half their points are going to their main attack skill and half to Cave, Arcane, Tool, First Aid. Their attributes are all being poured into their main stat. I think my front-line warrior has a sprinkle of endurance too. My guess is I'm focusing too hard on the auxiliary skills and that's gimping me but that still seems super unlikely. I'm playing on Normal and it shouldn't be this hard. The original Avernum definitely wasn't at this point even as a small kid and not building in a remotely logical way. So I'm looking for advice about what I'm doing wrong and how I can progress into the game. This remake is pretty fantastic and I'm enjoying how much more fleshed out the world is without making me feel robbed of the original's world.
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