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  1. Don't worry, I'm not a native english speaker so I pronounce Gene using 2 syllables. I already have chosen my side in the battle
  2. I've played A:EftP, the old Avernum 4,5 and 6 trilogy. Avadon 1 and 2. And Nethergate. Enjoyed them all!
  3. I finally decided to sign in after a few years of enjoying these great games. I first discovered SW games with A:EftP , was kinda intrigued and in the end, was baffled by how amazing a game could be without all the fancy tech. I made the mistake of playing normal difficulty so I didn't fully enjoy it, and that's why now, I always start with torment. I finished Avadon 2 : The Corruption recently and I will continue playing those amazing games over the time(with more coming in the patient future). So, after this brief presentation, I wanted to say that a new member has joined y
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