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  1. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  2. Some beginner questions on the skill system

    I'm very sorry for my late response.. Thank you very much Randomizer, Chessrook44 and Mr.Tic! I think I prefer general damage reduction to some good chances not to get hit. Unfortunately I haven't fully understood the matter with the base yet.. is it good in the case of ARC to have high INT, or is it more expensive to improve it with high INT? How many points in INT (and maybe in Priest Spells) would you recommend me to spend?
  3. Hello everybody, I'm reading the BoA manuel at the moment and playing with the idea of creating a custom character. But before doing so I want to finish "Valley of Dying Things" and clarify some questions. Do I need to spend skill points in DEX if I want to create a tank? If I get it right an appropriate level of MEL is enough to hit enemies with swords. Jeff is speaking of some "advanced skills" like parry.. is there a list of all possible advanced skills available? Furthermore ARC is described as some kind of cumulative group skill, clalculated by this formula: Cost: 1 skill point, Base: INT / 2 But what exactly does "Base" mean? Are these the base costs? So it would be best to train ARC on my tank with complete lack of intelligence. or does it mean I get for example 2 points as a present, spending 4 skill points in INT during character creation? (same question on that regarding DEX on TUS) Would it be theoretically possible to get invulnerable characters when skilling HRD to 100 points? Is the advantage "Elite Warrior" limited to specific kinds of weapons? And does "Natural Mage" effect priest spells too? It says "all of your spells receive bonuses" in the manual, but I think that's limited to mage spells That's a lot of stupid questions, but I am trying to understand the game mechanics before doing some serious faults when creating a character. I would be very happy if some of these questions could be answered.. so thank you very much in advance for your help and one last question.. is it kind of cheating, when playing a scenario twice or more often with the same party? there are many games out there which requires the player to grind content in order to achieve some progress. Is BoA one of these?
  4. Shadow Vale closing?

    Ah, I see.. thank you for the clarification
  5. Shadow Vale closing?

    Oh, that is embarrassing.. but in this case it‘s possibly gotten around already..
  6. Shadow Vale closing?

    Hello everybody, since I‘m reading a lot in these forums lately, I have often come across posts referring to ‚SV‘ and TrueSite.. By chance I visited the forums and found this thread: https://forum.nethergate.net/index.php?p=index.phpQUERYshowtopic=1693 You may know that already, but I was kind of surprised.
  7. A new member has joined your party

    I‘ve registered just a couple of hours earlier, but anyway.. welcome orian! Which SW games did you play already? Besides A:EftP and Avadon 2 I mean.
  8. 10,000

    Congratulations Kelandon! When I registered myself in these forums, you were at 9.999 posts and I was afraid the software wouldn’t work properly (since many forums are dying these days).. but you finally reached 10.000
  9. Homeland progress report

    Ah, I see.. thank you Lilith and Kelandon!
  10. SP regeneration

    Maybe I can‘t see neigher of these two buttons because I‘m visiting this board on a mobile device or because of my relatively strict browser settings. But if I don‘t run the risk of spoiling someone, I guess that‘s okay
  11. Homeland progress report

    It‘s really amazing to see the fan base creating such awesome content. Especially when considering the age of BoA. I‘m not ready to play fan made scenarios yet, but I‘m really looking forward to it! However, I would still have a question.. you mentioned what will happen to the party (of the first two scenarios of your series) so will all the progress achieved with it be deleted? And another general question.. if I‘m playing scenarios and gain experience and items, will I be able to use them in the official game also?
  12. SP regeneration

    Ah okay, that‘s what I thought. Thank you Randomizer! <spoiler>I just figured out, that it‘s possible to walk through the magical barriers, maybe I‘ll find a shortcut there. </spoiler> Thank you for the advice with the energy potions, I will sie them very sparingly. That’s good to know.. and I‘m afraid I‘ll fit right in /Edit: I‘m sorry.. are there any tags to hide content like in my first post? I can‘t find the appropriate button when I want to reply.
  13. SP regeneration

    Hello everybody, I just bought the complete Avernum Trilogy on GoG and started playing BoA. This game is absolutly great, I can‘t even remember the last time a game fascinated me like this I‘m playing the first scenario now and just arrived in the school. But I‘m wondering if I have to leave the dungeon everytime I need to regenerate my casters SP? Since I‘m diving deeper and deeper, I‘m looking for a better way to rest.. can someone help me with that? Thank you and best regards, Lindwyrm