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  1. Thanks for the answer in 2. that totally helps and I am going to spawn those 2 Terror Vlishs right away. As for 1., may I know once for all what is the rationale of ''frowning upon necromancy'' ? I am playing old games for the first time, hence I necro a lot. My post ties 100% into the thread, there is no answer anywhere else and the game has not been updated for ages, meaning the answer is still relevant today. So, beyond the sadly too common appetite for passive aggressiveness behind a screen, is there a tangible reason for disliking forum necromancy ? If there is one, why not locking the topic when the forum authorities reckon the time has come ? And last but not least what is the time limit between 2 posts to be in the necro-free zone ?
  2. Trying my luck a few years later, but I am really enjoying this build 😎 How did you allocate the points when creating the Terror Vlish ? I just reached the point where I can shape one and this is my first playthrough, so I am not used to shaping dynamics.
  3. If you have anything in store for Velusa, do share the love... He is next on the list ^^ I did not have trouble with Golath, 2 Tinkers and one Blademaster made short work of him and his entourage.
  4. Alberich, this is sounds like an awesome exploit! Before posting my question I searched the forum but did not find this topic.
  5. Thanks. I was thinking about putting all my guys close to the dragon in order to avoid the floor damage.... Is that a bad idea ? I do have Nathalie built that way though !
  6. I am playing on Hard difficulty, got a party level 29/30 with a Tinkermage as lead character (missile oriented). Any recommended companions to fight Zhetron ? I gave it a short try and have already measured the difficulty of this encounter.... I guess those consumables will be put to good use at last !
  7. How to get the achievement ''Bad choices'' ? I try to talk to the Ogre leader but no matter where I go and I got all the ogres turning hostile... Can't find an alternate way to him. EDIT: the ogre leader stays peaceful even after having killed all his tribe !
  8. Ok, I am level 16 or 17, will I come back later even solo ?
  9. I am collecting the stuff I need for Redbeard in Avadon, and met the Eternal Prisoner. The fight with the ghosts seems very hard to solo. Will the game bring me back to Avadon later with a full party ?
  10. Ok, I have just read that Jeff made sure Miklosh did not die in the 1.01 but I suspect a bug remains as I have not reached the point where I decide to punish Vanatok stead or not. Never mind and glad to know I only miss xp.
  11. I have not said anything to Redbeard and I can't see Miklosh any longer. Before getting the quest I saw him chopping fruits, with a quest marker at his location !
  12. I dumped or sold by mistake the +1 AP boots, is there any way to edit the inventory like in good old Nethergate ? I did check merchant inventories and did not find my beloved boots....
  13. How about the amber from the GIFTS spiders quest ? Is it the same ? No indication as to where it is. I hope not as I already completed the Queen amber quest, and now have the GIFTS one in my log. Bumping a 13 years old thread ---> check
  14. That's right ! I got this Spiral horn a while ago, and I'll keep my eyes open for a real horn. Thanks !
  15. Anybody remembers where the Animal Horn is ? I see on Schrodinger guide that it is suppoed to be east of the Stone Circle but I can't find it... I beleive it is lure out the wolf of the Dark Wolf quest ?
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