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  1. Guillaume

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    If you have anything in store for Velusa, do share the love... He is next on the list ^^ I did not have trouble with Golath, 2 Tinkers and one Blademaster made short work of him and his entourage.
  2. Guillaume

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    Alberich, this is sounds like an awesome exploit! Before posting my question I searched the forum but did not find this topic.
  3. Guillaume

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    Thanks. I was thinking about putting all my guys close to the dragon in order to avoid the floor damage.... Is that a bad idea ? I do have Nathalie built that way though !
  4. Guillaume

    Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight

    I am playing on Hard difficulty, got a party level 29/30 with a Tinkermage as lead character (missile oriented). Any recommended companions to fight Zhetron ? I gave it a short try and have already measured the difficulty of this encounter.... I guess those consumables will be put to good use at last !
  5. Guillaume

    Confused in Goldcrag

    How to get the achievement ''Bad choices'' ? I try to talk to the Ogre leader but no matter where I go and I got all the ogres turning hostile... Can't find an alternate way to him. EDIT: the ogre leader stays peaceful even after having killed all his tribe !
  6. Guillaume

    Avadon 3 - Eternal Prisoner (mild spoilers)

    Ok, I am level 16 or 17, will I come back later even solo ?
  7. I am collecting the stuff I need for Redbeard in Avadon, and met the Eternal Prisoner. The fight with the ghosts seems very hard to solo. Will the game bring me back to Avadon later with a full party ?
  8. Guillaume

    Khemerian scout

    Ok, I have just read that Jeff made sure Miklosh did not die in the 1.01 but I suspect a bug remains as I have not reached the point where I decide to punish Vanatok stead or not. Never mind and glad to know I only miss xp.
  9. Guillaume

    Khemerian scout

    I have not said anything to Redbeard and I can't see Miklosh any longer. Before getting the quest I saw him chopping fruits, with a quest marker at his location !
  10. Guillaume

    Avadon 2 Inventory editor ?

    I dumped or sold by mistake the +1 AP boots, is there any way to edit the inventory like in good old Nethergate ? I did check merchant inventories and did not find my beloved boots....
  11. Guillaume

    Spiders' Amber

    How about the amber from the GIFTS spiders quest ? Is it the same ? No indication as to where it is. I hope not as I already completed the Queen amber quest, and now have the GIFTS one in my log. Bumping a 13 years old thread ---> check
  12. That's right ! I got this Spiral horn a while ago, and I'll keep my eyes open for a real horn. Thanks !
  13. Anybody remembers where the Animal Horn is ? I see on Schrodinger guide that it is suppoed to be east of the Stone Circle but I can't find it... I beleive it is lure out the wolf of the Dark Wolf quest ?
  14. Guillaume

    Party creation?

    RIght, should be the shield caster who goes first to protect warrior(s)
  15. Guillaume

    Party creation?

    What is the reason exactly the first character must have 6 in Dex ? Any attribute check somehwere? I just found the +2 bracelet