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  1. Guillaume

    Avadon 2 Inventory editor ?

    I dumped or sold by mistake the +1 AP boots, is there any way to edit the inventory like in good old Nethergate ? I did check merchant inventories and did not find my beloved boots....
  2. Guillaume

    Spiders' Amber

    How about the amber from the GIFTS spiders quest ? Is it the same ? No indication as to where it is. I hope not as I already completed the Queen amber quest, and now have the GIFTS one in my log. Bumping a 13 years old thread ---> check
  3. That's right ! I got this Spiral horn a while ago, and I'll keep my eyes open for a real horn. Thanks !
  4. Anybody remembers where the Animal Horn is ? I see on Schrodinger guide that it is suppoed to be east of the Stone Circle but I can't find it... I beleive it is lure out the wolf of the Dark Wolf quest ?
  5. Guillaume

    Party creation?

    RIght, should be the shield caster who goes first to protect warrior(s)
  6. Guillaume

    Party creation?

    What is the reason exactly the first character must have 6 in Dex ? Any attribute check somehwere? I just found the +2 bracelet
  7. Guillaume

    Galag-Trav, Helm,

    Got it, and to make it clear to anyone else wondering the same: Secret Passage means you have to bang your head against walls or Piercing Sight, no other ways or clues to discover it....
  8. Guillaume

    Galag-Trav, Helm,

    Thanks a lot, I play Celt and I do not have Tool Use (yet?). So I'll wait a bit ! As I guess this will not be the only time I am stuck in a dungeon, would there be a recent guide with secret doors and all ? I found Matt P guide, but it is for the first version of the game.
  9. Guillaume

    Galag-Trav, Helm,

    In Galag-Trav, how to get on the cliff where the Fomors attack in the lower level ? Been stuck a while with only a nasty iron door that I can't break !
  10. Guillaume

    Patch available ?

    I'll give it a try, thanks !
  11. Guillaume

    Patch available ?

    And also, on startup is there a way to choose the resolution (like in Avadon 1) ? It says I need minimum 800x600 but does not let me choose it, meaning the game uses only a part of my screen.
  12. Hi guys, I just bought Nethergate on Steam, and I am ashamed to say my enthousiasm has gone down when I realized the age marks of the game. Is there any patch or mod available to: - Increase the size of the window where the game actually happens ? Now it's the same size than automap and character HUD - Put background music or at least improve the backgroudn sounds (that crow at the beginning is driving me insane) Thanks !