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  1. Hi folks. I made an account just to post on this thread, because I've been toying for several years with the idea of making custom rules to play Pathfinder in the Avernum setting. (I've played and loved Spiderweb games since I got the original, shareware version of Exile: Escape from the Pit on a disc in the MacCube shareware collection in 1996-ish.) My ideas never really got anywhere, though, so I don't have anything concrete to share, just some brainstorming. So, idea: In order to help reflect point #7 by @Twistor , make metamagic versions of lower-level spells learnable/available as rare, hidden treasures, without spending feats on them. Possibly also do this with higher level spells. This could give the sense that, like in Avernum, the greatest mastery of any individual spell, from the lowly Fire Bolt to the most powerful Divine Host, is a learnable secret, guarded jealously by those who know it. Re: #4. Classes. Monks are rare, but not absent, in the Avernum world. See, for example, the Monastery of Madness, a dungeon in Exile/Avernum 3 inspired by cheesy kung fu films and populated with terrifyingly powerful unarmed and unarmored enemies. Classes in general ought to be much more flexible and easily blended in the world of Avernum than they are in Pathfinder or D&D, but in general at least the Base Classes all seem pretty on-theme and would fit well into the world of Avernum, with the one exception being shapeshifting Druids. I can't recall any shapeshifting magic being used in the world of Avernum. The Anama would be interesting, as they would shun any and all Arcane magic, but wholly embrace Divine magic. I would probably give them a background Trait of some kind, but they would mostly just be a roleplaying thing; being Anama shouldn't gain you any significant benefit over someone who isn't, save that the order might allow a powerful member to learn some high-level spells in their vaults. I hope this isn't too much of a necro & others are still thinking about this Good luck, @Malkavianmadman!