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    Orz hahaha.....SORRY for the false alert. I just realized that I was trying to find the app with my iphone. Now i see the game I bought on Ipad. Nevertheless, Avernum is a great game, I think i'm going to buy black fortress too. thx for the help too.
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    Well, this is the first time I look into this fourm so I do not know where this should be put at. Just sharing a piece of my thought, Avernum is by far the best IOS RPG I have ever played, period. I played and finished it on ipad in 2012, and I loved it. The story is profound and the system is well thought and balanced. I was frustrated first when I couldn't find the game in my purchased list then I saw devoloper's note about their issue with new IOS platform. I just want to say, the game was worth every penny, and I will definitly buy again if the team decided to bring it back. thanks!