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  1. Did you have any sound issues prior to this? Did the ambient sounds or music that loops sound like they were static or were the bird chirping sounds garbled? I have a little lag, but it is the sound that makes it unbearable to play. If you did have any sound issues, were they fixed after you did the above steps? And yes I know this is an old thread, but I am still searching for a solution. Thank you.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzegi7LtA0U <------------------------ the best video I could find. No talking, just the sounds of game play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGclYYoEEDE <-------------------- this one too is also very good. No talking, just sounds of game play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6CLnQI6rU4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0OacjZUhA0 These are not my videos, but others. However this is how my game sounds. There are more videos then this, but they talk even more, but they all have that raspy static sound quality to it. I can not imagine we all have the same laptop/speakers and troubles. And yet I can not imagine a game of this quality and magnitude would have this kind of sound either. And this is also how Nethergate sounds as well. I am not sure if I did compatibility mode right or not, but so far any thing I have tried has failed. Edit: I thought perhaps because I was using the same device before that maybe that was the issue, as I was listening to their game and it giving me the same problem. ^^! However I got onto YouTube from a separate device and I can still hear the static... ^^!
  3. I just read The Call of Cthulhu. I was expecting more due to all the fandom of it, official video games and what not, but it was basically a let down for me. Minus the ending, it was pretty boring. Maybe due in part to this is 2020 and the book was back in the early 1900's, and plus a lot has been fostered because of that mythos, Cthulhu related or not. But... ehhh... boring... ^^! Plus I felt the human characters were weak and frail. Like the stumbling teenagers in horror movies. I will say however, since this is a reading thread in a video game forum, try the Interactive Fiction game called Anchorhead. Surprisingly well written. Surprisingly playable. And surprisingly deep for an IF game with a feel of Lovecraftian. It is legally free (The purely texted based game.) and you can probably simply play off the internet/your web browser or download it in an Interactive Fiction app or game module.
  4. After seeing a movie trailer/commercial of "Lifeforce", from Mr Lobo's Cinema Insomnia's "First Spaceship to Venus" horror hosted movie, I remembered how good it was. I decided to read the book it was based on. Very disappointing. People generally say the book is always better than the movie. Well not in this case. Besides the very beginning and the very end, it was chuck full of tediousness. And to top it off, unlike the beginning of the book, the ending was nothing like the movie. One would say two totally different works entirely. More like what if you found a space ship of aliens and brought it back to earth... STOP!!! now change the entire story. ^^!
  5. Long time since last post, I assume I can necro my own thread... 😅 I am still having the same issues with sound. Compatibility mode I am assuming was already at Windows 7, as it was greyed out on Windows 7. I checked marked the box anyway and tried again keeping it on Windows 7 and it still had the same sound and long pause issue. I then checked on Windows XP and the problems were still there. I am not sure if I am suppose to initiate the game through Steam itself or just click the Geneforge.exe and allow the program to make changes to my computer. Has anyone else come across this issue or heard of any other fixes, besides me just getting a new laptop? Thank you.
  6. We talking about the same Dark Castle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4-7mWeY_Cs If you don't like to click on links, look on YouTube for AVGN Dark Castle.
  7. Remember when kids actually wanted to go outside and play all day with friends and you had to threaten them to come in for dinner? Now you have to threaten them just to go outside for an hour and they feel like you are unfairly punishing them...
  8. Geeze some of you people are old... I do not celebrate birthdays, only funerals... To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!
  9. All the cards, including the ones in your hand or stock pile, or just on the board/tableau? As mentioned Freecell has all cards out. Pyramid and Tri-Peaks have all cards on just the tableau out. Actually quite a few have theirs out, I am just lost in a sea of names. Look up on the app store (Play Store) "Solitaire Collection (1400+)" by SKKV Software. That has a LOT of games! It's free. And asks for no intrusive permissions. I prefer playing with cards myself. Feels more fun to me. Less cheating also as half the time I have no idea what I am doing when trying out a new game and a simple touch will do everything for you. It ends up feeling like you are watching someone else play it as everything feels automatic. Even trying to turn it off in options it still feels too automatically done for me. Plus I like to shuffle. ^_^!
  10. The first few Geneforges for me run ok I guess, I think it is meant to be a slow paced game to begin with. BUT when I try to pause the game there is an eight-teen second delay each time. Also the sound quality is atrocious with really horrible static with the repeating music (birds chirping, people talking, things being slid across the floor, etc.) loops. The same can be said for Nethergate: Ressurection in terms of the sound quality, not the long delay between pausing. However I think the sound may be due just to my subpar laptop, but the pausing should not be doing that regardless and I have Windows 10. I made another thread about all that, but just posting it here as acknowledging the problems you are having with it.
  11. I've heard this before from both the Text Adventure and MUD communities both for and against. And there are plenty of games that are subpar simply because someone hardly bothered to make a game and hit the publish button. Flash Games of yore and on Steam presently have the same problems, awash with crap. But there are a few diamonds in the rough and plenty of decent fun games. On the other hand though I would argue there are plenty of writers out there with extraordinary worlds and writing talent, that could in theory, make worth while games if they had the time, the money and the resources to either learn a whole coding language or hire others to do it for them or had an easy system to work with. Something should not be frustratingly hard, just to make something however. A lot of people with good ideas don't make it past the strenuous code. I've tried TADS. I was lost... 😶 And yet if I had the knowledge to learn TADS I would make the exact same game on Quest anyway, simply because it was easier to use and would change nothing. Why deal with the hassle? I can not stress the huge assortment of options to use on Quest by the way. It is not a generic "have only three options" kind of thing (The CYOA part of it is, but that are what CYOAs are anyway.), but something that you could potentially make as good as the best loved and widely acclaimed Interaction Fiction made with TADs or any other program. But I do understand the joy of making your own sprites by hand... If I knew how to post a picture I would.
  12. I am not sure what has gotten into me lately... old age perhaps... but I have really begun to enjoy solitaire games as of recent. Klondike (the classic solitaire most people know that I am aware of.), Pyramid, Tri-Peaks, Freecell, Golf, Baker's Dozen and a few others I have tried, but there are literally hundreds more, maybe over a thousand, although a lot are just variations of certain "base" games. Or the same game, but much bigger because you play with more than one deck. But so much fun to be had by your self with a simple cheap deck of 52 cards.
  13. Steam is having a sale on all it's RPG Makers at the present moment. I have not bought any of them, but I had RPG Maker for the PS1 and tried RPG Maker XP back in the day. Some are very reasonably priced when on sale, but obviously with the newer variations they become increasingly expensive. The last in the series lets you make games for many platforms, including cell phones for a wider audience. Speaking of which Steam has quite a few free game makers. Some have restrictions that are behind a pay wall, so you get the basics, but then to get the better stuff it comes out of your pocket. Others wont charge unless you try to sell it or you try to sell it in mass quantities or make over a certain amount of money. I do not know all their names, but Unity I believe is one and Construct another. Granted some of these you need at least a small team or a lot of time on your hands and be a quick study to do anything remotely well with them. Then there is Quest which I have made a game or the first chapter of a game about 90% complete. It is all text based, but you can include pictures, sounds, etc. A pretty neat system and the basics of it are easy to learn. Most of it is easy point and click or drop down options to make things flagged in game so when an event happens if you have not achieved something, be it attaining a certain level or a key, an item of some sort you can not advance. Then they even use weight and volume for puzzles. But it can also use code if you know what you are doing, so you are not hampered by just the options (which are MANY) they give you. And if you do not know how to code something there are people who will usually just find out how it works and tell you so you can add it to your own game. And they even have a Choose Your Own Adventure game engine as well which is pretty self explanatory. Try it out I can at least recommend that from personal experience and the people there are very helpful and friendly. Of course you could go the route of a mapper for any number of PC games, (I am partial to Half Life 1 or Half Life 2. 😁 ) as modding it self takes coding, animators, modelers, etc. But mapping just takes a general understanding of the tools and an eye for building things. (Easier said then done mind you. 😅 ) I am not sure if Spiderweb Software provides their own assets to toy with and create things or not. But I think Quest would be the easiest way to make a decent game without the need for coding or having to worry about good graphics and what not. Just you and typing out a game. If you can write a story, you can basically make a game.
  14. Is the get command "G" only on the lead character's surrounding area or all of your party members areas as well? For instance if I had a long line or a triangle area so to speak with my formation, would I cover more ground or the command only works with my lead character?
  15. Alrighty. Thank you for the quick reply. Also it says level four is the max for lock picking... I read somewhere the levels do not combine between the sorcerer and theif or ninja type. So you can not max both out and have 8 locking picking skill. However are there spells or magical items that will aid you better? I have a feeling with just a max of 4 I am still going to be using lock picks faster than quarters in an arcade machine... O_o
  16. Do unused leveling points disappear permanently? I got to lvl 5 for my sorceress and I raised her INT, then did the middle tier for the point and then got my lock picking to 4 which is max and I have one point left from that leveling up transaction. I do not see the need to waste a point now when potentially next level I will have enough to buy another untrained skill for 2 points and then potentially use the point from last time I did not use on that skill I just opened up to me. However after leveling what I wanted and clicking the green check mark, when I go back just to see if my unused point is still there, it is either gone or can only truly be seen when you have just leveled and at the point and skill tree screen? Secondly I already unlocked one of the skill sets which took two points from before. I want to level that one particularly higher, but it wont allow me, saying I have to level the ones before it to level that one. But again I have already unlocked it, why do I need to level the skills I don't particularly need or want at the moment just to level something I have at least the basic knowledge in and want to improve? Thank you.
  17. That sucks. I mean I am sure he has his reasons. Either easier for the general public to play and or him to make. But I like choices to make, even if it means certain death for you.
  18. A shame there are no actual consequences and thus being a thief or stealing really has no meaning... As in rewards or punishments. I mean the game could just not have the NY on there to begin with and the player would just assume it is ok to take, because if what you told me is true, it is. 🤔 Games like Fable and Morrowind really gave that sense of, well it's there for the taking, but do you dare, because if you do everyone, if caught, will be after you. Oh well... I guess I will just roam back through the earlier parts of the game and start nicking things off of shelves... I mean if the game and it's NPCs don't care in the slightest... 😁
  19. I have my warrior encumbered by a few pounds. Not a lot, but it does not seem to be slowing him down or doing any ill effects. He can still move, still fight, still hit his target and still heal on his own after a battle I believe. What exactly does being encumbered do and does it depend on how much he is over the line that it effects more things?
  20. There are items all over the place I seem to be able to pick up with no problem, those marked NY (Not Yours?) that I can take and those marked NY, but that I can not which are generally in the view of someone standing near by. I am not sure I understand the process. I've taken stuff marked NY from a locked room, even worn it such as a shield and spoken to the character it belonged to and nothing happened. So what is the purpose of that? Do I get punished by my superiors later, even though no one seems to know I even grabbed the stuff? I usually play a good character my first time through so I do not steal. But quick saving to test it out, is not giving me any negative results. Am I missing something? Does it even matter game wise?
  21. What are the differences in the two? Healing Chant my shaman already starts with for 13-34 health restoration. Healing Touch has to be purchased, but gives the same description of using nature's power to heal an ally, but without the actual healing points shown. It costs two points to gain the ability and of course more levels in it give better things, which may make it more useful over all. But starting at level one as in just purchased, how much better is it at healing an ally? Also I guess it might as well be bought at least to the first level if I need it to be able to buy the very top tier ones if I am looking at the skill tree correctly... I am just curious before I buy that too soon, if it could wait, while I buy the others first.
  22. Ahhh… thank you. 😅 Not so much a visible button, as a grey looking short line of words of sorts. Yes it does what I want now thank you. At least when my warrior leads I do not worry as much, if I forget to not click next to the crate or door before attempting to click on it. Old habits die hard. 😁 I find the same frustration simply wanting to go from my inventory to my abilities or someone else's inventory without having to shut down the one screen to get to the next. Maybe I am just spoiled, but I sometimes curse under my breath as for the umpteenth I try to click on a box I am so used to normally opening in most other games, at least more modern ones anyway. Although apparently the problem was not that I could not get to the other characters inventory from my inventory, but that me trying to click on their bag (inventory) would do nothing, but simply clicking on their portrait will do the trick. Still can not get to the abilities screen without first shutting down the inventory one though. 🤔
  23. It was touched upon in a much earlier thread of mine, but since the main theme was not about this in particular, I figured I would ask it out right and get the definitive answer. Is there a way to control the other characters in your party? Make one lead, other than the one you chose at the beginning or even outright leave the weaker ones behind on command, like in an RTS? Being a shaman I am finding myself easily exploitable in battle, compared to say the warrior. But I can not find a way to make him go first. My shaman always leads. This is not so bad until I start to want to explore and go for an unopened chest (And quite possibly a locked door, I can not remember.). Then my entire party stays behind for some odd reason with their head in the sand, leaving my shaman completely by herself. It's not so bad while in a peaceful area, but in dungeons or even just the outside world, it leaves her completely vulnerable for a few turns for the rest of my party to catch up due to the forced measured movement of the combat mode. If next to an enemy combatant now I can not even retreat while waiting for the remainder of my allies to show up. The quick solution is not to go for a chest with out first having the entire party not right up on it. But that is easier said than done in my old ways of playing games. 😅 And in saying that, how does that actually work? I want to take my warrior who is in no way shape or form surrounded and back track to cover a more vulnerable character, but he can only painstakingly move one grid square at a time, until the immediate danger he is in is eliminated. No way to force it to move faster? I guess I could use the bow in that instance, but still a little annoying. It really becomes apparent when I just want to walk a few extra squares from where I am to get into a better position to fight off an enemy attacking a weaker character, like literally just walk across a tile or two, instead of around actually which can take several, but I am basically glued to the tile I am on and only allowed to go one over? Is that going to be a constant thing or higher levels or abilities allows for more movement even when enemies are right next to you? Thank you.
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