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  1. For the life of me, I can not add anything to the script "z0avadondlg.txt". I've added stuff to the scripts for z1 through zWhatever. (like the 5 character hack). Is there some sort of block on the "z0avadondlg.txt" script? I can edit exsisting text/rewards, but I can not add any new lines to it. Example: Polus. I'm at the point Polus only has 3 responses: 1. Where are you from? 2. What do you do here? 3. How can you help me? I want to add another line so it shows up like this: 4. Do you buy anything? Which has question/text and leads to a new state, the new state will list: 1. Bags of meal. 2. Ale. 3. Wine. 4. 'return/done' response I know and got the code to remove the items from my inventory and gives me reward in gold. I tested it and working in "z3goldcragdlg.txt" I tested, and added just a simple single line, with: state = 600; nextstate = -1; condition = 1; question = "Test."; text1 = "_Test?_"; And it still does not show up.
  2. Console states this: "z0avadondlg.txt script failure: Too many strings in line 13521" "z0avadondlg.txt Drror: Tried to process invalid dialogue script.." I added the most basic script in middle or at the end, still not working. Would someone mind taking time to make and share a working Polus (or TINKER DUMAN) section of the z0avadondlg.txt script with extra lines of conversation? (with at least one root conversation [question/test] that leads to a one new state?)
  3. Well, I went to goldcrag, saved, and exited. Then loaded that save while in goldcrag, then saved and exited again. I then did edits, and when I go to talk to any npc in avadon, nothing happens when I click on the npc.