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  1. Thanks again for those corrections. I'm having trouble figuring out which tiles are meant in #1 and #2, but the others are clear. I certainly can do the secret passages and it's no real trouble to do so. What would you recommend for a graphic though? I was thinking a normal cave wall with an Exile 1 "s" letter superimposed over it in white.
  2. Ah thanks for catching that sign slip up. I thought it looked weird... What about that tile of water near the pit on the bottom-center of the map? Is that supposed to be there? I don't remember it being there, to be honest... Anyway, I managed to figure out how to automate both the cave walls and the inside corners. Unfortunately it looks like I'll just have to manually place the outer corners... this should take some time, but then it will be done! I will definitely check out Blades of Exile. I played it back in the day when it first came out and it reminded a little of Realmz, which was another terrific game. To be honest, I was actually planning on using this map for a D&D-Exile crossover!
  3. Ess-Eschas, thank you so much for those tiles. They are perfect. The one I showed earlier was something I cobbled together from Exile 2 files, so it wasn't in the game like that. I am using the Mac versions from 1.1 to 1.3 (I forget which exactly... I downloaded all of them and dug into one of the folders). If it is important, I can quickly look up which one I used, but in any case I think all of those versions should be identical to the early Windows versions. I have to say, I really like the rich, bold colour palette of the early versions of the game! I've updated the map to show the new water borders and the settlement icons. Of course I forgot to do the lava borders when I did the water ones (could have done it all in one go!) so I'll have to go back to fix that. After that, it's on to the biggest and most tedious task... placing the cave borders. I can automate the straight-aways, but there are tons of corners and I do not know of a good way to do that quickly in Photoshop! https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0wmzsayjbefuwq/exile1map.png?dl=0 Let me know what you think of it so far!
  4. Ess-Eschas, is this the water border tileset, by any chance? I pulled these from Exile 2 (original graphics), which has a slightly subdued tileset in comparison to Exile 1 (original graphics). It is possible, however, that Jeff did not change the water border design and colours between the two games... for example, he did change almost every tile, but he left the water tiles and water rock tiles the same. https://www.dropbox.com/s/irnohubpoehc13d/Exile Water Corners.png?dl=0
  5. Brilliant, thank you so much for the ID's! I'll keep rounding these walls and updating the settlements while I wait for the sample border frills.
  6. Ah that's interesting! It would have been easy for me to do this in the updated graphics, but I always thought the original graphics were much, much better! I guess it is just up to what you start with... I also preferred the original battle system (where you only moved one space on your turn... made combat brutal!).
  7. Thanks Ess-Eschas, is there anyway you could get me the "border frills" art for the original art style? I have each terrain type separated by layer in a Photoshop document right now, so it is not inconceivable that I could get this to work, but I'd need the art! Sadly, Sheepshaver and Wine have never worked for me with Exile. I can't really see what you are referring to, but I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. I also still need those town/castle/tower identifications, if someone can help out there!
  8. OK, after way too much effort, I have painstakingly hand-drawn the entire Exile 1 map. Here is a preview (the working file is actually over a gigabyte in size!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0wmzsayjbefuwq/exile1map.png?dl=0 I learnt some interesting things in the process... Exile 1 had a darker, richer colour palette than Exile 2. There were also fewer tiles (only about a dozen outdoor tile designs... no "white mushrooms or tile variants, for example). It's not quite done, mind you... the cave walls need to be rounded out. More importantly, I was putting in the settlements (Fort Dranlon, Swamp City and the Nephilim Fort) and then I realized that I don't remember what every settlement used for a tile... there are only four settlement tiles in the original Exile 1 artwork: town, castle, tower and cave (the latter appearing in a wall). Now, I can't for the life of me figure out how to install old DOS or MacOS 9 versions of Exile on my current computer (I've always run into problems, even when I follow the several guides word for word). I need everyone's help: could you please tell me which settlements used which tile design? There is a map and key in the Exile 1 hint book (http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/exile/Exile1HintBook/Exile1HintBook.html) so you could just tell me "Cave of Athron uses a Cave tile". Once I have that, I will finish the cave corners and we'll be done!
  9. That's correct, I was only interested in the "original" Exile 1 area. If you'd like, I can finish the map and add the missing sections?
  10. Thank you, I'll be checking back here regularly!
  11. Ah ok, thank you for that clarification. That was unknown to me because I never actually played Exile 2... I downloaded Exile 1 in the Fall of 1995 and played it continuously like mad for the next decade at least. I didn't even know the graphics had been changed until a few years ago, actually. I went ahead and redownloaded Exile: Escape from the Pit version 1.0.3 from the Old Versions sticky in this forum and extracted the images out of the files (these were in the old .PCT format on the Mac version, but luckily Photoshop was able to convert them). However, all I got were the individual tiles... no maps! The outdoor.dat file only extracts as a text file full of coding data... I am not a programmer... I don't know Python, and I don't know what to do with this stuff... Could someone who knows how to handle these files please, please, please extract the Exile 1 map from the old version downloads in this forum? Or at least the Abyss map? I would kill to have the world map in one piece... I played my fingers numb on this game and it really changed my life...
  12. Is there still a way to get the artwork though?
  13. Duskwolf, that's great, thank you! I have stitched it all together as a seamless map and uploaded it here. Watch out, it is over 5 megabytes... 28k modems beware! https://www.dropbox.com/s/y27vcjyvi3lrxjx/exilemap.png?dl=0 I do have one question... the Abyss seems to be missing from the artwork... how can I get those images? I'd love to finish this map once and for all!
  14. Anyone have Duskwolf's contact info?
  15. Duskwolf, any updates?