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  1. Yeah. I figured I would have to waste a lot of consumables. I will probably wait, since I don't think I have a quest for beating them. Glad to know I wasn't missing some critical hint from an NPC or another quest. Thanks for the help.
  2. Playing on torment. Getting completely wrecked. Been going back to it every couple of levels. Not sure what level people usually beat the champions at... The 4 human champions have so much hp and and are still 1 or 2 shotting my squishier mage and priests at level 26. Have tried level 3 ward of elements and steel, neither worked (if i go elements, the melee kills me and if i go steel, the magic kills me; my tank can survive even without steel, but the knockback usually means the other melee will get 1 of the squishies). The farthest I got was spamming reloads until charm worked on the assassin because I figured it would have the lowest mental resistance. It would buy me 5/6 turns, but I can't even kill one of them in that time. I would also spam daze/icy rain hoping to disable them long enough so I can kill one. The problem is that disables usually miss and when they do hit, they only last 1 round or are cured by the priest/battle discipline. These guys seem so much harder than everything else I've fought against, including main storyline quests. I can probably beat them after 30, but I was wondering if there was a good strategy to do it before then? I feel like I am missing something important.